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Augmented Reality

Featured in the "Innovation Experience" at Parker's indoor booth 4416 at OTC 2015

Visit the Parker indoor booth to explore Parker products and services in a unique and dynamic way. At our demo stations you will use Augmented Reality to experience products and services:

  •  See them in exploded and assembled views
  •  See components or whole systems
  •  Manipulate them – rotate, look inside, enlarge or reduce their size
  •  Watch a video jump right off of a flat, still photo

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

AR is overlaying virtual information on a physical object.
AR can Let you interact with the physical world in a novel way.
AR offers ways to see, learn, experience products, systems and services to better understand them.

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ABOUT Parker
Visit Parker OTC 2015 at booth 4416

ABOUT the products and services that are featured in our Augmented Reality experience:
  •  Subsea Flexible Joints
  •  O-Rings
  •  Flying Lead
  •  TwinZapp Produced Water Treatment
  •  Parker Onsite Services
  •  Asset Integrity Management (AIM) Services

Parker Hannifin
6035 Parkland Blvd.
Cleveland, OH 44124 USA
Phone: (216) 896-3000