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World-class assembly and testing for fuel, inerting, and hydraulic systems


We employ advanced product quality planning (APQP) methodology for process design and lean manufacturing. Assembly and testing is performed in-house, with testing pressure up to 18,000 psi, supported by high-speed, multi-channel data acquisition systems.


The company provides engineering, manufacturing, assembling, and testing for the following programs:
Fuel supply and management
Fuel tank inerting
Hydraulic power products and service
Final assembly and test


NEIAS Parker Aero Systems’ fuel equipment handles multiple functions for aircraft fuel systems, including engine feed, auxiliary power unit feed, refuel and defuel, venting, scavenge, fuel quantity gauging, and integrated modular avionics fuel gauging and management software.


The inerting system includes conditioned air supply and electronic controls, as well as nitrogen-enriched air generation and distribution, which reduces the flammability of fuel vapors in aircraft fuel tanks and increases aircraft safety.


The hydraulic system features a control and monitoring software package for the C919 integrated modular avionics controller and provides the functions necessary to power and control the aircraft flight control system, landing gear and steering systems, and thrust-reverser actuation.