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Maintain your fleet with condition monitoring

Parker's condition monitoring products have been used by the marine industry for over 25 years. Fleet-wide condition monitoring decreases maintenance cost, increases machinery life, and reduces wear and operational costs.

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Early Stage Fault Detection & Reliability

Parker Condition Monitoring specializes in providing online and on-site solutions for monitoring critical plant and industry machinery. Our sensors and equipment pieces facilitate rapid and informed decision-making which helps to keep your machinery running efficiently for longer.

At Parker, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the right blend of technology, expertise and information. This enables you to manage risk, reduce downtime, optimize efficiencies and maximize profit. Parker knows the importance of selecting the right filtration components and systems to ensure the highest level of system performance. Our team of filtration professionals will help find the right solutions for your application. Contact us for more information.

Gold Guide 2020

The Gold Guide 2020 version is a definitive reference guide to fuel, hydraulic, and lubricating oil for the marine industry including Sulphur Cap legislation.

Based upon clear and actionable information on purchasing, sampling, testing and interpretation of test results, the Parker Kittiwake Gold Guide provides a single written reference point for comprehensive guidance that helps vessel owners and operators understand how to implement good housekeeping policies for fuel, hydraulic, and lubricating oil. From density and dispersants to polymer thickeners and particulate analysis, each topic is covered in detail throughout the manual with salient points continually highlighted throughout.

Printed in full colour on oil-proof paper, the Gold Guide is wire bound so that it lays flat for ease of use onboard.

To purchase a copy is £10, €12 or $15 please contact for further information.

System Monitoring Solutions

Condition Monitoring Solutions from Parker

As condition monitoring system specialists, we only supply methodologies that target the earliest stages of fault detection. This ensures that you get reliable and timely results on the critical condition of your plant and equipment. Learn more about our products for Used Oil Analysis, Bunker Fuel Testing, Wear Metals and Fluid Cleanliness.

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Monitoring for Your Industry

Parker offers condition monitoring solutions for a range of industries

With our full range of predictive maintenance options you are guaranteed to find a specialized condition monitoring system suited to your specific needs. Whether it is for use online or on-site, for even the most remote and demanding environments, we have a maintenance system for you. Learn more about the industries we serve.

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Resource Library

View literature and watch videos about Parker Condition Monitoring solutions

Find the Parker Condition Monitoring resources you need to help with your next project, all in one place, including literature, blogs, videos, and more.

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Contact Parker

Contact Parker Condition Monitoring

Our experience and prestige in the oil, energy and marine industries is unprecedented. We have developed online and on-site solutions for over 1000 industrial, military and marine customers and facilities around the globe. Parker is ready to help with your condition monitoring application.

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