Parker Bestobell Marine Valves and Solutions
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Embracing High Pressure Demand in the Marine Sector

With the introduction of the MAN ME-GI, 2-stroke gas engine, high-pressure FGS are now set to become a familiar sight in the engine rooms of a variety of ships. The supply of equipment for high-pressure FGS is a much more specialist area.

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Parker Solutions for LNG Applications

Parker Bestobell is a world-leader in the manufacture of cryogenic valves, with over 50 years’ industrial gas experience and 18 years’ successfully supplying to LNG marine markets.

Parker Bestobell’s valve technologies are widely used on LNG Carriers, FLNG (Floating Production & Storage Units) and FSRUs (Floating, Storage & Re-gasification Units). The company designs and produces valves to meet specific requirements in the marine sector and has supplied cryogenic valves to a majority of the major shipyards building LNG Carriers.

Parker Bestobell Marine Valves in Application

Cryogenic Valves

The Parker Bestobell range of Stainless Steel extended globe valves have been designed to eliminate leakages, maximise lifetime operation and reduce maintenance and spares cost for ship operators, whilst providing full compliance with Class requirements.
Parker Bestobell Cryogenic Globe Valve
The Parker Bestobell range of of Stainless Steel Lift Check Valves have been designed to reduce leakage across the seat, maximise lifetime operation and reduce maintenance and spares cost for ship operators, whilst providing full compliance with Class requirements.
Parker Bestobell Cyrogenic Lift Check Valve
Parker Bestobell's Stainless Steel Swing Check Valves with bolted bonnet are designed and manufactured for use with LNG, LPG and other flammable gas services. Available with flanged end connections, with easy access to the serviceable parts of the valve.
Cryogenic Swing Check Valve
The patented Parker Bestobell Marine FLIV is installed on top of the cargo tanks of LNG carriers and isolates the gauge and float from the cargo tank. These essential valves prevent boil-off gas from the cargo tanks, which could potentially be extremely dangerous.
Parker Bestobell Float Level Isolation Valve
The range of HP control valves have been designed specifically for MAN ME-GI fuel gas systems operating at 320 bar pressure or higher. It is designed to reduce pressure in the main fuel line by safely discharging LNG from 320 bar to less than 10 bar.
High Pressure  Control Valve


Embracing High Pressure Demands in the Marine Sector
Marine Whitepaper
Parker Bestobell are world experts in the design and manufacture of cryogenic valves for transportation, storage and processing of ultra-low temperature liquefied gases.
Marine Valves Catalogue
Parker Bestobell offer a complete range of cryogenic valves used with numerous cryogenic gases including oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, liquid natural gas (LNG) and argon
Bestobell Industrial Catalogue

The Choice Between LNG and CNG

Of the many transport fuel choices available today, none plays a more strategic role than natural gas in having an immediate and major positive economic and environmental impact. But of the two most widely available – CNG and LNG – which is most appropriate?

The Golden Age of Gas

Four years ago, the International Energy Agency (IEA) asked “are we entering the golden age of gas?” Today, the North American shale gas boom, expansion of LNG trade, and new LNG and natural gas fuel systems, technology advancements, and delivery and storage enhancements support a resounding “Yes!” answer to that question.