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Drivetrain & Traction Systems

Focused on Efficiency and Scalability


Parker Hannifin is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of PMAC traction motors. It is through a painstaking research and development process, from both a product and market perspective, that Parker has achieved the insight to develop the motor components that solve demanding powertrain applications. 

Parker’s focus: efficiency and scalability.

Parker’s design focus has been to minimize losses in the components to maximize the energy delivered to the wheels from the battery pack. Due to the highly variable power demand of a typical driving cycle, the highly engineered motor can reduce energy consumption by as much as 30%, which extends the vehicle’s range or decreases the kilowatt-hours required in the battery pack. The scalable design gives vehicle OEMs the opportunity to determine the package size of the motor: Smaller diameters with longer lengths, or larger diameters with shorter lengths. 

Parker’s global vehicle OEMs offered direct feedback into the design and development process, resulting in a PMAC traction motor and controller combination that offers tangible value OEMs can realize in their hybrid or electric programs.


  • • High efficiency
    • Scalability
    • Multiple cooling choices
    • Rugged enclosures


  • • Increased range, less battery capacity needed
    • Wide choice of motor sizes to fit the application
    • Flexibility in vehicle design
    • Suited to harsh environments


  • • Agricultural
    • Heavy Construction
    • Transit
    • Mining
    • Watercraft

Contact Parker

Phone: (800) 358-9070

Fax: (707) 584-8015

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