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Auxiliary Vehicle Systems

Parker manufactures many components for auxiliary systems on hybrid and electric vehicles. The same technology that is used in the PMAC traction motors serves as the heart of the auxiliary motor systems.  The highly efficient and power dense motors complete tasks that were originally directly coupled to the internal combustion engine. 

By using Parker's auxiliary motor products, you can tailor the auxiliary system's performance to your exact specifications. You control when the system turns on or off, how much power to put into the system and the ability to create your proprietary control algorithms to maximize your system's efficiency.

Systems Offered

  • • Fan and blower systems

    • Air conditioning compressors

    • Hydraulic pumps

    • Braking systems (air compressors)

    • Power steering systems (EHA)

    • Door opening systems (EHA)

    • Power generation


Contact Parker

Phone: (800) 358-9070

Fax: (707) 584-8015

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