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PMAC Motors and Generators

Highly efficient and power dense PMAC motors mean smaller packages and longer range.


For electric and hybrid vehicles, a major source of cost is in the energy storage system. With Parker's array of motors delivers peak output power from 15kw to 210kw with torques up to 900Nm.

Testing and Dyno Capabilities

  • • Customer-specific drive cycle simulation
    • Efficiency measurement
    • Peak performance cycling
    • Gradability and startability testing
    • Peak torque: 2500Nm
    • Maximum speed: 8000RPM
    • 24 to 750VDC
    • 1200 Amps rms peak current

GVM Traction Motors

  • • Internal Permanent Magnet (IPM) design
    • 142mm and 210mm diameters
    • 4 standard lengths per diameter
    • Kit or fully housed construction
    • Up to 8000 RPM
    • Peak power: 15kW to 210kW
    • Peak torque: 30Nm to 900Nm
    • Shock, vibration, and environmentally tested to J1455

Auxiliary Motors

  • Internal Permanent Magnet (IPM) design
    142mm diameter
    Four standard power levels
    Kit or fully housed construction
    Continuous power: 3kW to 15kW @ 3000RPM
    Liquid cooled ratings available (optional)
    24VDC - 750VDC

PMAC Motors and Generators

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    GVM Series PMAC Auxiliary Motor

    The Parker GVM Series of permanent magnet AC motors provides high torque density for auxiliary vehicle systems.
    Learn More

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    GVM Series PMAC Traction Motor Generator

    Parker’s GVM Series of traction motors offer lower weight and higher power in a smaller package than other traction motors on the market.
    Learn More

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    Custom Motor Designs

    Parker has designed and manufactured hundreds of thousands of specialty and custom permanent magnet AC motors for more than 30 years.
    Learn More

Contact Parker

Phone: (800) 358-9070

Fax: (707) 584-8015

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