GlobalCore Hydraulic Hose Solutions
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Overview of GlobalCore business

Any pressure. Any project. One solution.

Any pressure. Any project. One solution. GlobalCore is the future that OEMs and end users around the world have been asking for: a unified family of robust hydraulic hoses designed to endure the tough conditions where work gets done.

Specified by working pressure, not construction, GlobalCore is the world’s first high-performance cohesive hose and fitting system. Designed, built, and tested to the ISO 18752 specification, the GlobalCore system simplifies specification for OEMs and end users around the globe by providing a comprehensive family of products for the most commonly used constant working pressure classes.

Choose from six hoses, three cover options, and two fitting series, all available through a worldwide network of distributors.

GlobalCore Hoses Offered

Choose from six hoses, available in various cover options, engineered and tested to the global ISO 18752 standard.

View GlobalCore Hoses

Designed and engineered to ensure durability in continuously evolving higher pressure hydraulic systems, including rigorous mining applications, 187 Hose is unmatched in today’s marketplace. GlobalCore 187 Hose provides 1,000 psi (7 MPa) constant working pressure in sizes -8 to -48.
GlobalCore 187 Hose
Lightweight and flexible, 387 Hose consistently delivers maximum performance hose life across all sizes and markets using an efficient force-to-flex design. GlobalCore 387 Hose provides 3,000 psi (21 MPa) constant working pressure in all sizes.
GlobalCore 387 Hose
Constructed for high performance and easy handling with low force-to-flex for ease of installation, 487 Hose excels in multiple applications around the world. GlobalCore 487 Hose provides 4,000 psi (28 MPa) constant working pressure in all sizes.
GlobalCore 487 Hose
Engineered to ensure longer life in high impulse, heavy-duty cycle applications, 722 Hose delivers maximum performance and efficiency, with a resilient 4-wire spiral construction providing 4,000 psi (28 MPa) constant working pressure in sizes -6 through -16.
GlobalCore 722 Hose
With a Compact Spiral design that offers greater advantages in routing and installation, 787 Hose delivers superior performance in a lightweight, force-to-flex product. The highly flexible 787 Hose provides 5,000 psi (35 MPa) constant working pressure in all sizes.
GlobalCore 787 Hose
Tested up to 2,000,000 cycles, 797 Hose delivers superior performance and service life with an easy-to-install compact spiral construction for high pressure, high impulse applications. 797 Hose provides 6,000 psi (42 MPa) constant working pressure in all sizes.
GlobalCore 797 Hose

The Demand for a Global Standard

Why use traditional regional standards to specify hydraulic hoses, when your equipment is built, used, and maintained all over the world? The global ISO 18752 standard helps solve these issues. Request our free whitepaper about how adopting the global ISO 18752 standard simplifies the specifications of hydraulic hoses across applications, markets, and locations.

Locate a Distributor

GlobalCore hydraulic hoses and fittings are manufactured and distributed around the globe. And Parker’s worldwide distribution network makes it convenient to get the GlobalCore hoses, fittings and accessories you need, either over the phone or at one of our ParkerStores. Locate the distributor nearest to you.

See the GlobalCore Story

You know Parker as the global leader in providing unprecedented performance and value for hydraulic systems with high-pressure applications. With our GlobalCore solution, you can significantly reduce your inventory and part number complexity by using just six hoses and two fittings.

Blog Post: Multiple SAE Specs vs. one ISO Standard

Did you ever wonder why there are so many different hydraulic hose standards in use across industries, regions, and applications? Read about manufacturer-driven and region-specific standards like SAE and how they compare to the global ISO 18752 standard.

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