Benefits of GlobalCore Hydraulic Hoses
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Extended Hose Life

ToughCover (TC) is 80 times more abrasion resistant and SuperTough (ST) Cover is 450 times more abrasion resistant than our standard cover — offering unparalleled protection.

Benefits of GlobalCore

GlobalCore Value Proposition

Globalcore simplifies specifications by providing a unified family of constant working pressure hydraulic hoses in all sizes for the most commonly used pressure classes.

Designed and engineered to the globally recognized ISO 18752 standard, the comprehensive GlobalCore family replaces numerous other product lines made to an assortment of regional hydraulic hose standards. With its easy-to-use conversion guide, GlobalCore streamlines inventory requirements and lets designers find the hoses they need, fast.

Distinctive, color-coded laylines boost safety and accuracy by indicating pressure ratings at a glance. GlobalCore hoses also feature low force to flex, making installation easier. And because GlobalCore hoses are built and tested to twice the ISO 18752 standard, customers are assured of long service life and high performance in all the working conditions they face.

Innovative Design

GlobalCore has one-half the bend radius of competitorsToday there is tremendous pressure on OEMs to adapt to continuously evolving application requirements in terms of available space, performance, and production efficiency. Parker Hannifin's GlobalCore provides a solution as the world’s first high-performance, cohesive hydraulic hose and fitting system.

Unprecedented in its simplicity and global availability, the family of GlobalCore hoses is designed to meet the most common working pressure requirements in the industry. Two series of hydraulic fittings cover the entire GlobalCore product range. Tested to twice the ISO 18752 standard, high performance is ensured. This simple solution is built to endure conditions where work gets done.

GlobalCore hoses are manufactured in the major regions of the world to support equipment where it is, regardless of where it was made.

Extended Hose Life

Parker’s hydraulic hoses come in a variety of cover options so you can match the right cover to your application. Our ToughCover (TC) is 80 times more abrasion resistant than our Standard hose cover, while our SuperTough (ST) Cover is 450 times more abrasion resistant, offering unparalleled protection in abrasive environments.

Exceeds Standards and Agency Approvals

Industry standards set specific requirements concerning construction type, size, tolerances, burst pressure, and impulse cycles of hoses. All the GlobalCore hoses meet or exceed various industry specifications including SAE, EN, DIN, or ISO. GlobalCore also carries the most common international agency approvals as requested by our customers. ABS, DNV, Lloyd's, MSHA, and USCG are comprehensive approvals, while other certifications will be specific to designated hoses or sizes.

Globally Manufactured

GlobalCore hoses are manufactured in the major regions of the world — North America, Europe, and Asia — supporting the equipment they serve, regardless of where it was originally manufactured, or where it is today. Parker's worldwide reach makes GlobalCore easier to specify and source through our unrivaled industrial distribution network of 13,000 locations globally.

High Performance

Parker's GlobalCore system will continue to meet our own rigorous standards of excellence.

Because challenges can emerge anytime and anywhere, your solution should endure the tough conditions of your work environment. GlobalCore hoses are designed, engineered, and manufactured with high-performance standards that provide the longest service life possible. With GlobalCore hoses tested to twice their ISO 18752 standard, high performance in rugged environments and high impulse applications is ensured. Long known as the premier manufacturer of hydraulic hoses, you can expect Parker's GlobalCore system will continue to meet our own rigorous standards of excellence.

Cohesive Design

GlobalCore is a unified system that delivers hoses designed, built, and tested to the ISO 18752 specification. Released in 2006, and quickly adopted by customers worldwide, Parker is at the forefront of delivering this universal standard for hydraulic hoses. The ISO 18752 specification was developed based on how hoses are specified and used by customers — by pressure range, and not by construction. GlobalCore expands our range of ISO 18752 hoses and provides options for the most critical sizes and pressure ranges.

Simple Selection

The GlobalCore system is simple.

The GlobalCore system is simple. GlobalCore reduces engineering and service complexity by providing the first comprehensive product family across the most commonly used constant working pressure classes. Select the GlobalCore hose based on maximum working pressure required for your application. Selecting the fitting is even simpler. Choose the renowned 43 Series, with more than 2,500 configurations, or the 77 Series, designed specifically for higher pressure applications and available in more than 500 configurations.