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Integrated Protection for Longer Life

Parker’s Fluid Transfer Solutions include integrated protection options such as a pressure sensor or bypass valve to prevent overpressure and over temperature.

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Dry Run Capable Solutions

Download our white paper about overcoming the challenges of dry running in fluid transfer pumpsParker Fluid Transfer Solutions offer pumping elements and material choices that allow for continuous dry run between wetted running cycles. The FTS-300 Series includes high performance 3-inch systems for stationary, mobile, and high vapor pressure applications. The 3-inch systems are available with either a hydraulic motor, electric motor or diesel engine configuration. The FTS-400 Series offers a 4-inch system with an electric motor.

All systems include a patent-pending two-stage pump that resists cavitation and delivers high pumping volume even when pumping fluids with high vapor pressure. Parker offers the pump, motor and speed control of its variable frequency drive (VFD) as part of its Fluid Transfer Solutions or as individual components.

Learn more about the features and benefits of the FTS Series by exploring the products listed below. And to learn more about overcoming the challenges of dry running, please download our white paper.

FTS-300 Series Electric Motor System

FTS Electric Motor System

Designed for stationary and process applications, this system offers a high capacity with a small footprint, and integrated safety features for reliable operation.

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FTS-300 Series Hydraulic Motor System

FTS Hydraulic Motor System

Designed for truck-mount applications, this system offers powerful high-flow in a compact and lightweight package making it ideal for truck transfer.

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FTS-300 Series Diesel Engine System

FTS Diesel Engine System

Designed for mobile and skid-mounted applications, this system provides portable and dependable service when electricity is not available.

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FTS-300 Series Operating Specifications

Operating Specifications for the Parker FTS-300 Series

FTS-400 Series Electric Motor System

Parker FTS-400 Series

The FTS-400 Series offers all the benefits of our FTS-300 Electric Motor but in a 4-inch pump design.

Operating Specifications for Parker FTS-400 Electric Motor System

Learn more about the FTS-400 Series Electric Motor System

FTS-450 HRVP Electric Motor System

FTS-450 Series HRVP Electric Motor System

The FTS-450 HRVP is a patent pending three-stage pump based on the two stage FTS-400 base model pump. Parker designed the FTS-450 for high RVP fluid pumping where other pump designs simply cannot function. The third stage is an up-front intake conditioning axial inducer, providing ultimate cavitation resistance on the most volatile fluids and high vapor fraction applications for dependable and reliable operation. The FTS-450 has best-in-class NPSHr for a given flow rate.

The FTS-450 has best-in-class NPSHr for a given flow rate