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Patent-Pending, Two-Stage Design

Parker uses engineered materials and coatings for long life, and the FTS series is compatible with a wide range of fluids.

Range of Benefits

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  • Dry Run Capable: Pumping elements and material choices allow for continuous dry run between wetted pumping cycles.
  • Reversible Flow: Pumps can be operated bi-directionally, benefiting from the centrifugal boost only in the "forward" flow direction.
  • Self-Priming: Due to its positive displacement design, the high suction FTS Series will quickly self prime and resist vapor lock
  • Cavitation Resistant: This provides greater durability, longer life and stable flow.
  • Fluid Compatibility: The FTS Series can be used to pump fluids such as jet fuels, diesel, gasoline, water, coolant, lubricant oils, hydraulic oils, crude oil, and other similar fluids. The centrifugal boost allows the solutions to avoid cavitation when pumping fluids with high vapor pressure or entrained gas.
  • Small Footprint: Our pumps are 40% lighter and shorter than competitive pumps.

A Look Inside Advanced Fluid Transfer

• Highly efficient design maximizes fluid transfer rate, and enables the pump to
  dry run without sustaining damage.
• Engineered materials and coatings for long life
• Compatible with a wide range of fluids
• Spring-loaded wiper blade seals ensure high volumetric efficiency
• Through-hardened stainless

• Boosts inlet pressure to reduce cavitation and operate efficiently and reliably
  at high RPM or altitudes without performance issues.
• Thrust-balanced design minimizes wear

• Bathed in lubricating oil, prevents flank contact of the tri-lobe rotors in the
  second pumping stage
• High contact ratios for smooth, reliable operation
• With high torque carrying capability and durability
• Eliminate thrust loads common in helical gears

• Protects system from adverse operating conditions

• Shuts down pump in the event of overpressure

• Internally piloted and field adjustable.

A Look Inside Advanced Fluid Transfer

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At Parker we don't put limits on what is possible. It's this inquisitive nature that fuels our innovative spirit and drives us to push boundaries. Our global network of distributors offers unmatched product availability and local engineering and product support.

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