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FlexSensors are an enabling technology that allows innovative applications to become reality. At Parker, we encourage you to think big and challenge us to help you do things that have never been done before.

FlexSense Sensor Applications

At Parker, we encourage you to think big and challenge us to help you achieve innovations that have never been done before. The FlexSense sensor is highly customizable, so it can be configured to match your demanding application requirements. Contact us. Let's talk about what you want to accomplish. What we do best is to help turn your wearable tech visions into reality.

Fall Reduction

FlexSense for Footwear

FlexSense sensors enable measurement of balance, pronation, supination, posture and more with pressure sensors embedded in footwear; including insoles and socks. Data repeatability and consistency not previously available in a wearable. Ideal to help with fall reduction among the elderly or for performance optimization of athletes.

Remote Monitoring Of Chronic Disease

FlexSense for Management of Chronic Disease

Measure swelling and weight change with sensors embedded in textiles to get earlier notification of changes in patient condition. Allows preventative treatments to be prescribed for better outcomes, reduced costs and better quality of life.

Orthopedics & Rehabilitation

FlexSense for Orthopedics and Rehabilitation

Measure range of motion, muscle activation, timing and intensity with FlexSense sensors that are affixed to textiles or worn directly on the skin. Orthopedists, therapists and chiropractors can have measurement and assessment tools that are based on objective, quantified measurement. For in-clinic use and remote monitoring and coaching of rehabilitative exercise.

Monitoring the Young & Elderly

FlexSense is ideal for monitoring the young and the elderly

Monitor balance, falls, movement, body position, breathing patterns, sleep quality and sleep duration with sensors that are worn in clothing and footwear or incorporated into bedding.

Head Impact Monitoring

FlexSense for Head Impact Monitoring

Detect and measure medically accurate data about amount of force, location, direction of impact and frequency with pressure sensors that are embedded in athletic helmets and head-worn textiles. FlexSense sensors use direct measurements of head impact rather than more imprecise measurement methods which rely on calculations derived from head movements. This permits more accurate data from which important conclusions about brain condition and health are made.

Motion Capture for Coaching

FlexSense can be used in Motion Capture for Coaching

Measure real-time movements of complex human body movement more accurately and faster than video. Use body, clothing and footwear-based pressure and stretch sensors to capture swing movements, form, posture and balance transfer for faster, more precise coaching feedback.

Workplace Safety & Ergonomic Assessment

FlexSense sensors that are worn in garments or temporarily worn on the skin can capture employee movements in relation to their job tasks to assess ergonomics, monitor bending, lifting and repetitive motion techniques for injury prevention, employee welfare and development of injury prevention strategies.

 FlexSense for Workplace Safety