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Capabilities | Flexible, Accurate, & Durable

FlexSense technical capabilities and physical properties enable sensing for wearable technology. Simple data generation is no longer enough. Sensors need to be more accurate, more durable, faster, washable, small, flexible, economical and comfortable.

Health & Wellness Industry Applications

Wearable technology is playing an increasingly important role as medical care evolves in response to the need for reduced costs, improved patient outcomes and the needs of an aging population which seeks better options for independent living. Wearable technology can put the generation of medically accurate data about the patient under the patient's own control and allow them to become a more informed, more proactive consumer of medical care.

FlexSense for Health and Wellness Applications

Athletics Industry Applications

Wearable technology that provides insight about how the body is moving is rapidly evolving from being available only to elite athletes. Body worn sensing technology allows real-time measurements that have only been available in expensive, highly specialized laboratory-based equipment. Real time feedback allows for improved coaching for performance enhancement and injury prevention. Athletes who want more usable information and performance insight than is available today don’t have much longer to wait.

FlexSense for Athletics

Workplace Safety Applications

Assessments of worker movements in relation to their job tasks have traditionally been observed, subjective judgements. Wearable technology will soon allow these movements to become quantified, objective measurements. Quantified data will remove the variance in assessments that are the result of human error and differences among those who observe the movements. This improvement will allow development of more effective injury reduction and prevention strategies because they have superior data from which to develop the strategies.

FlexSense can help reduce and prevent workplace injuries