FlexSense Electroactive Polymer Technology (EAP) | Parker QCD
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As wearable technology evolves into requirements for medical-grade data from measurement of human body movement, FlexSense sensing technology will allow things to be done that have never been done before.

Better Living Through Measuring Body Movement

We customize and produce sensors that bring wearable tech solutions to life. Our sensors are best suited for precise, fast movement of human body movement in health care, athletics and industry.

FlexSense EAP Sensor Technology

FlexSense technology offers stretchable, smart sensing

Electroactive polymer sensing technology that is perfect for measurement of body movement that cannot be done with wrist-worn wearable tech. Stretchable, compressible sensing that is customized for generation of medical-grade data that can meet the requirements of more sophisticated wearable tech applications.

Stretchable. Compressible. Conformable. Soft. Thin. Lightweight. Washable. Durable. Low Power. High Resolution. Rapid Response. Wireless.

Application-Specific Solutions

Parker is working to revolutionize the measurement of human body movement

Parker's FlexSense Development Team partners with companies that are helping to revolutionize measurement of human body movement. Parker's EAP (electroactive polymer) stretch and pressure sensors are customized to meet demanding and highly specific requirements of each application.

  • Unique sizes and shapes according to application
  • Physical properties to accommodate use conditions and materials
  • With or without electronics

FlexSense Evaluation Kit

See the possibilities for yourself with a FlexSense Gen 4 Evaluation Kit. Each test kit includes:

  • 1x 50 mm FlexSense Stretch Sensor
  • 1x 100 mm FlexSense Stretch Sensor
  • 1x FlexSense Pressure Sensor
  • USB to mini B cable
  • USB daughterboard
  • USB flash drive with instructions and necessary firmware

FlexSense Technological Capabilities

We listen to requirements and adapt the technology platform to enable ideas and supply the sensors that drive success. FlexSense technological capabilities and Parker's highly skilled engineers allow our customers to be truly innovative in their measurement of human body movement in ways that have never been done before.

  • Footwear
  • Remote Monitoring of Chronic Disease
  • Orthopedics & Rehabilitation
  • Monitoring the Young & Elderly
  • Head Impact Monitoring
  • Motion Capture for Coaching
  • Workplace Safety
Flexsense Motion Capture for Coaching
Flexsense for Orthopedics and Rehabilitation