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Stretchable. Durable. Washable. Wireless.

Stretches all the ways a human body does. Captures movement and form with truly impressive sensitivity, resolution and responsiveness.

What is FlexSense?

Stretchable, smart sensing for immediate, highly precise measurement of body motion that is customized for applications in athletics, health and wellness. Ideal for use on textiles including shoes, insoles and clothing.

FlexSense technical capabilities and physical properties enable sensing for wearable technology. Simple data generation is no longer enough. Sensors need to be more accurate, more durable, faster, washable, small, flexible, economical and comfortable.

With Parker's 100-year history of partnering to deliver engineering solutions, a substantial portfolio of electroactive polymer technology patents, and low cost production capabilities, we are poised to be your IoT partner for sensing solutions.

What Can it Do For Me?

  • Delivers real time information and analytics
  • Improves the accuracy of information due to direct measurement of movement
  • Conforms to the sizes and shapes needed on garments, textiles, footwear, helmets and more
  • Small and thin, to make the technology practically invisible
  • Usable in hot, cold, dry or wet conditions
  • Works in wireless or wired applications
  • Washable

Download the bulletin to learn more about FlexSense Sensors

FlexSense Evaluation Kit

 See the possibilities for yourself with a FlexSense Gen 3 Evaluation Kit. Each test kit includes:

  • 2 – 50mm EAP Strain Sensors
  • 1 – USB to mini B Cable
  • 1 – USB Daughterboard
  • 1 – USB flash drive loaded with instructions and necessary firmware

Price: $150

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