About the Parker Filtration Innovation Center
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Parker Filtration Innovation Center

Watch to see how Parker is changing the landscape of filtration technology.

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What We Do

Parker is dedicated to constantly innovating filtration technologies that not only improve the lifespan of our customers' equipment, but also aim to make a real difference in the communities that we live in. Learn more about how we are improving filtration technology below.

One of the newest filter designs to come from Parker, deep pleat construction uses embossed features and welded seams to maximize surface area and improve service life.
What We Do: Embossed Deep Pleats
Our staff has extensive experience in computer modeling and simulation of fluid flow, heat transfer, and mechanical stresses. This allows us to predict design performance before we ever build our first prototype.
Modeling and Simulation
We have invested heavily in capabilities to simulate real-world conditions in our labs to prove that our filters can survive in the harshest environments. An example is our Gas Turbine Air Inlet test rig. It simulates sand, salt, and moisture ingestion at actual air speeds seen in a power plant.
Real World Testing
Originally developed for the Oil & Gas industry, this proprietary construction method controls 3-dimensional flow within the filtration media layers, increasing residence time and maximizing efficiency.
PEACH® Technology
Parker Filtration practices several forms of advanced Surface Modification technology. We can make our filters more waterproof, oil resistant and water absorbent through chemical coatings or even via treatments using energy from plasma.
Surface Modification
Our facility houses the world's leading Nanofiber lab where our dedicated engineers innovate new filter media. Parker also owns a proprietary technology called ForceSpinning™ that accommodates the widest range of polymers in the industry so our filters can survive harsh filtration environments.
Nanofiber Technology

How We Do It

Filter media is really the heart of our technology. Here at Parker, we have the broadest portfolio of filtration solutions in the entire industry. Our talent and expertise at the Innovation Center is at a world-class level and the quality of instrumentation that we have is unmatched. Read more about how we are advancing filtration technology for the future.

We have characterized every grade of filtration media — both used by Parker and the rest of the industry. We use that information to generate a database that we share with other divisions of Parker to accelerate new product development.
How We Do It: Media Cataloging
To improve the safety, quality, delivery of product, and cost, we use advanced manufacturing solutions in the methods of automation, simulation, and robotics. The use of robotics and automation has been a solution for creating new filtration methods like Protura™ and ForceSpinning™.
How We Do It: Robotics and Automation
By leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), we add sensors and connect our manufacturing lines to our network to analyze the data to improve productivity and up-time.
How We Do It: Connected Factories