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Parker's New Sizing and Selection Tool

Parker's Virtual Engineer is an innovative design tool for linear motion applications in industrial automation.

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[Blog] Manufacturers are forming their own ideas and interpretations of what a ‘smart factory’ is and what they want it to do for them. But a common need is for critical components to have additional intelligence, enabling machine-to-machine communication and interaction.

[Blog] IO-Link is a point-to-point communication technology that can be implemented into most PLC configurations or integrated into most existing industrial Ethernet and fieldbus networks via a device called an IO-Link master.

We are all witnesses to the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0 as it has been coined, as most of us will have seen robots, machines, vehicles or control systems connect to the Internet at...

In industrial environments, pneumatic lines can pose significant hazards to workers and associated equipment – both the lines themselves and the moving components they operate.


[Video] Learn more about Parker Flow Controls for factory automation applications

Maximize performance and minimize downtime with a pneumatic system that works seamlessly to keep you aligned with the fourth industrial revolution.

P8S Continuous Position Sensors enable contactless monitoring of cylinder strokes from 32mm to 256mm. Continuous supplied data via analog output or IO-Link is ideally suited for quality and process control functions.

PLC level / IO Link level / Ethernet level / Digital IO level Modular flexibility for Moduflex, H Micro and H Universal valves.

Food and beverage packaging customers and OEMs depend on fluid system connectors like fittings and tube products to keep pneumatic air flow control and fluid transfer systems running at peak efficiency.

Obtain Clean Dry Air by introducing Parker's Global FRL into your application. Here is a video on how it works


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Smart machine design serves innovators with the reward of optimized space on the plant floor, considerable savings on components and installation, inherent safety by design and oh yes, it must meet the functional needs of the ever changing application.

Internally or Externally Monitored Safety exhaust valves are available. Let’s review the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Quality products engineered for your success during the turn of Industry 4.0- the fourth industrial revolution.

Catalogue 0980 According to ISO 15552

Bulletin 0600-B95 With Universal Manifold

P33 Safety Exhaust Valve Externally Monitored Bulletin 0700-B14

Parker offers a variety of safety valves for use in various safety functions such as safe exhaust, safe cylinder, return,and safe load holding/stop. This document focuses specifically on valves that use sensors to provide feedback to a safety control system for external monitoring.

Bulletin 0600-B96 Overall IO-Link is the most cost efficient way to connect valve manifolds and obtain diagnostic and prognostic data. Compatible with all major Ethernet protocols, IO-Link offers easy installation, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Bulletin 0600-B97 Industrial Ethernet (IE) is the use of Ethernet in an industrial environment to communicate activity on the network with protocols for automation and process control that provide real-time data with high communication transfer rates.