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Solution Systems

Engineered System Solution’s core business is adding value for our customers in system solutions. We love to be in projects focusing on reducing cost of ownership, reducing energy usage or streamlining the customers engineering process.

By providing huge vendor reduction opportunities from one single source, Parker is the solution provider.


  • Engineered System Solutions is mastering the art to combine the tremendous available Parker components. Our solutions systems services are summarized here:

    • Application re-designs with one of our numerous application engineers
    • Standardization projects
    • Customer specific configure-to-order systems
    • Develop and maintain customer drawings
    • Design to cost traject
    • Optimization trajects for energy usage
    • System integration minimizing the number of components
    • Lifetime optimization
    • Streamlining customer engineering processes by making envelope drawings in earliest stage
    • 100 % engineering up to the details
    • 3D modelling can be shared
    • Quick delivery of engineering package
    • Digital Operation & Maintenance with component documentation
    • Brand-labelling total systems
    • Out of the box thinking over technologies