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Sentinel oil dryer

Parker has extended experience with vacuum cleaning. The technology has last for decades. The Sentinel™ is designed to ‘stand guard’ over your hydraulic systems 24/7 – increasing productivity by eliminating moisture in the oil.


  • Operating specifications:
    Principle of operation: Vacuum dehydrator
    Recalibration and servicing: Recommended every 12 months
    Working pressure: 0–4 bar (0 -60 psi)
    Working viscosity: 1-400 cSt
    Flow range: 12 l/min / 5 GPM
    Fluid connection inlet / outlet: 22L metric
    Fluid working condition: +70 °C at – 0.8 bar
    Ambient storage temperature for unit: –40 °C to +80 °C; –40 °F to +176 °F
    Operating temperature for unit: –30 °C to +80 °C; –22 °F to +176 °F
    Operating humidity range: 5 % RH to 100 % RH
    Fluid operating temperature (Oil): +5 °C to +80 °C; +41 °F to +176 °F
    Moisture sensor linear scale within the range: 5 % RH to 100 % RH
    Computer compatibility connection unit: PC via USB port

    Seals: Fluorocarbon
    Vacuum pump type: dry sealed vacuum pump
    Particle filter type: 5 micron ‘iprotect’ element
    Heater type: 6 kW low-density heater
    Power requirement: 400 VAC, 3P, 50 Hz
    Noise level at standard operation: 60 dBA
    Certification: IP54 rating (unit open)
    CE Marked: EC Declaration of Conformity Machinery Directive
    Weight: 190 kg
    Particle Detector Contact Parker: IPDR optional
    Control: IQAN MD3 Memory size 80,000 logs
    Fluid Property Sensor Contact Parker: FPS - optional