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NitroDry oil dryer

The demand for oil dryers has increased as bio-degradable oils are getting more common or even mandatory.

Engineered System Solutions developed a durable solution for continuously used oil drying applications especially designed for the Marine market. Free and dissolved water particles will be removed using the extreme dry Nitrogen gas. The system is thoroughly (endurance) tested with bio-degradable fluids in combination with sea water and can withstand the most severe circumstances ensuring oil quality - to protect vulnerable gear boxes, pumps and actuators from corrosion.


  • Installation requirements:
    Input voltage: 380–690 V, 50-60 Hz
    Designed FLA (full load amps): 1.6 kVA nominal power consumption
    Compressed air supply: 5 - 10 bar (I)
    Distributed over: 0.3 kW compressed air consumption (II)
    0.5 kW Heating/cooling element
    0.5 kW pumps and controls
    Inlet connection size Standard: ½ “ BSPP Female (I)
    Outlet connection size Standard: ½ “ BSPP Female (I)

    Electrical operating specifications:
    Inlet and outlet discharge pump: 380-690 V AC, 50-60 Hz
    Heater-cooler: 24 V DC

    Operating specifications:
    Flow rate: 2 x 4 dm3 / min (III)
    Inlet pressure: 2 bar (IV)
    Outlet pressure: 5 bar (IV)
    Compressed air pressure: 5 bar
    Nitrogen content: 95 %
    Compressed air consumption: 2.1 Nm3 / hr (35 dm3 / min FAD)
    Nitrogen for injection: 0.78 Nm3 / hr
    Compressed air temperature range: 2-50 °C (IV)
    Ambient temperature: 2-50 °C (frost free) (IV)
    Noise level: < 60 dB
    Seal material: FPM
    Max. oil viscosity: 500 cSt.(I)
    Oil medium: Mineral and Synthetic esters (I)
    Inlet and outlet discharge pump: 380-690 V AC, 50-60 Hz
    Heater-cooler: 24 V DC
    (I) Deviate size/type on request
    (II) Based on screw compressor
    (III) If applicable
    (IV) Can be modified to customer requirements

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