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Engineered System Solutions provides precision engineered solutions for a wide variety of markets including power generation. Whether for nuclear, coal-fired, gas turbine or biomass, hydroelectric, waste-to-energy and other renewable energies, our solutions reduce costs and optimize performance faster and more efficiently.

Traditional Power Generation

For new construction, planned outages or plant upgrades, involving Parker early on can frequently speed up the process and reduce costs. Engineered Systems Solutions offers custom engineered equipment and aftermarket solutions as well as innovative components that are lighter, safer, and more reliable than the competition.

Renewable Energy

Pressured to meet the demands of a world expected to consume 45 % more energy by 2030, energy companies are looking for new ways of thinking as they face the challenges of manufacturing and utilizing renewable energy in a post-carbon world.

From capture and conversion to commercialization, integration and storage, Engineered System Solutions leads the way with engineered solutions that are both proven and practical for wind, solar, tidal, hydro, wave, and bio gas sources.