Training Resources
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Motion and Control Expertise, Resources and Support

Parker's global reach means students benefit from our extensive application and market knowledge as they gain experience and further their education.

Training Equipment

Parker’s Motion and Control Training offers a full range of training equipment and curriculum to support the teaching of technical training for Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Electrohydraulic technology.  The components on Parker’s training equipment are industrial grade and are used in industry today. Students benefit from learning with modern technologies used in demanding real-world applications.

Parker's modular training system is a flexible training platform. Users can customize the system to meet their needs and budget. The components on Parker's training equipment are industrial grade and used in industry today. All modules include a lab manual and the option to purchase additional textbooks. 

  • Basic Hydraulic Learning Modules

  • Pneumatic Learning Module

  • Electro Hydraulic Module


Selected schools provide excellent engineering programs in a variety of disciplines to prepare future engineers. Parker supports the labs with funds and equipment, and often sponsors scholarship programs for the students as well. The labs represent a way for Parker to take an active role in the education of young professionals, and signify the important partnership between Parker and partner universities.