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Global Vehicle Motor - GVM Series

The Parker GVM310 is a powerful choice for both on and off-road vehicles, engineered for traction and electro-hydraulic pumps (EHP) up to 409 kW peak power. High power Permanent Magnet AC motors (PMAC) offer the best solution to meet the requirements of vehicle duty performance. With a ten year legacy and thousands of units sold, the high power density and speed capabilities of Parker GVM motors combined with a voltage matched inverter provide the speed and torque required to achieve breakthrough performance in a variety of vehicle platforms. In addition to operating as a high-power motor, the GVM310 is a very high efficiency generator enabling energy savings of up to 30% compared to induction technologies.

A variety of available magnetic options allow for a wide range of voltage, speed, and torque requirements. The GVM family achieves high power density thanks to a patented liquid cooling system, which also results in a cleaner, less complex, oil-free design. The GVM310 is an example of how Parker is providing the building blocks for vehicle electrification, developing turnkey technologies that cut time to market while reducing supply chain complexity.


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Download the GVM310 catalog.

Parker GVM310 Catalog
Parker GVM310 Catalog

Value Calculator

The value of the GVM is realized by the OEM in terms of reduced battery cost, less labor in the motor integration process, and benefits in cooling infrastructure requirements. Further benefits to the end user include less money spent on recharging energy and overall lower fleet and vehicle operating costs. And benefits to the environment include a reduced amount of CO2 released by each vehicle. To see how a Parker GVM motor can provide tangible value to your application, please try our value calculator app. 

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