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Browse our selection of helpful blogs, download our whitepaper or watch a video to learn how Parker Fluid System Connectors can help your transportation solution.

Download the Guide to Air Brake Tube Fittings

Download the Truck and Trailer OEM's Guide to Air Brake Tube FittingsAir brake tube fittings are fundamental to an air brake system. A typical truck require 60-100 air brake tube fittings, and these components can have a significant effect on brake system performance, cost, and assembly line productivity.

In this guide, you will learn about:

• The major types of DOT air brake fittings

• The effect each type of DOT air brake fitting has on price, performance, ease of assembly and customization

• New trends in DOT air brake fittings


Learn more about the two main types of thread patterns offered on air brake fittings and how they affect price, availability, and performance.
NPT threads or STO Threads
Learn more about Parker solutions including PTC, PTCR Composite and Brass PTC Connectors as well as Pneumatic, Prestomatic and PMH Fittings.
Download the Transportation Connectors Catalog
Parker is your complete source for quality tube fittings, hose and hose fittings, brass and composite fittings, quick-disconnect couplings, valves and assembly tools. Download this wall chart to quickly find the solution you need.
FSC Transportation Wall Chart
To meet the needs of changing requirements in diesel and biodiesel fuel systems, Parker has responded with Electroless Nickel Plating to improve performance in the fuel lines. Download our brochure to learn more about this cost-effective solution.
Download the Electroless Nickel Plating Brochure
Use our convenient product guide to get information at a glance for connector specifications including type, body material, temperature, maximum pressure and tubing size.
FSC Transportation Product Matrix
Custom-made composite parts make sense for truck OEMs requiring high volumes of a specific part. Parker FSC has the capability to create custom brass and composite components for your heavy truck application.
Custom Brass and Composite Solutions from Parker
Learn the importance of DOT-certified tube fittings, what the DOT certification means, the locations where DOT-rated fittings may be required, the range of DOT air brake tube fittings available and more. Download "The Truck & Trailer OEM’s Guide to Air Brake Tube Fittings."
Download the Parker White Paper


See how Parker can help you reduce costs, speed up assembly, and outperform the competition.
Parker in Transportation
Watch this video to learn proper tube inspection, fitting insertion and removal for J844 D.O.T. tubing.
Watch our DOT Fittings Installation Video
View transportation solutions and applications from Parker Fluid System Connectors Division.
Parker offers cost effective solutions
Firewall manifolds allow air to be routed through the manifold, replacing the need for individually installed bulkhead fittings. Find out how Parker can help you speed up assembly and cut costs with a custom firewall manifold.
Firewall Manifold For Truck Cab
See how cartridges can help speed up assembly, cut costs, reduce installation errors, and provide a more reliable connection
DOT SAE Encapsulated Cartridge
An integrated check valve protects against reversal flow while using a reduced number of components. Find out more about how this technology can help you cut costs and reduce connections.
Integrated Check Valve Composite FItting

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