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Single-Use Technology, What's Next?

What developments are needed and what is stopping us getting there?

Key learning objectives:

Understand what is preventing further single-use implementation

Understand what can be done to address these issues

Look at how this will enable single-use process implementation

Webinar Overview

Single-use technology plays a part in nearly all bioproduction processes. There are, however, still gaps that need to be addressed to allow further implementation, for example scale, automation, integrity and product compatibility.
Having open questions on these points can delay or even stop the implementation of single-use technology and all the benefits it brings. The result: slower deliver at a higher cost of life saving vaccines and other biopharmaceutical products. 
During this webinar, we will discuss the challenges to further implementation of single-use technology. We will look to see if they are truly roadblocks to implementation and, if so, how they can be addressed. 
Join us as we look at assembly integrity testing, present a design for handling highly potent molecules that protects the operator and the process, and discuss how automation can save time while increasing quality.