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Liquid Filters

Parker domnick hunter’s fully validated range of cartridge filters and single-use filter capsules for pharmaceutical prefiltration and membrane filtration provide high flow rates, long service life and low product binding in often demanding environments.

PROPOR BR PES Bioburden Reduction Filters

Featuring an integral meltblown filter layer to maximize dirt holding capacity, PROPOR BR 0.2 micron bioburden reduction filters deliver fast and cost-effective processing pharmaceutical liquids.

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PROPOR HC High Capacity PES Sterilizing Grade Filters

Incorporating an integral high capacity prefilter layer, PROPOR HC 0.2 micron filters offer the most effective and economical sterile filtration of difficult to filter or viscous solutions.

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PROPOR MR PES Mycoplasma Removal Filters

Incorporating a highly retentive 0.1 micron PES membrane, PROPOR MR filters provide fast and effective removal of mycoplasma from cell culture media.

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PROPOR SG Sterilizing Grade PES Filters

Incorporating a high flow, low binding polyethersulphone (PES) membrane, PROPOR SG 0.2 micron filters offer fast, economical and validated sterile filtration of pharmaceutical liquids.

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TETPOR Liquid Sterilizing Grade PTFE Filters

TETPOR LIQUID filters feature high chemical resistance making them suitable for sterilization and particulate removal from aggressive chemicals (including acids, bases and solvents) within a wide range of critical processing industries.

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PROCLEAR GF Glass Microfibre Pharmaceutical Prefilters

PROCLEAR GF liquid filters deliver reliable and cost-effective removal of particulate and microorganisms from pharmaceutical liquids. The glass microfibre filtration media offers maximum throughput and flow rates for economical clarification.

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PROCLEAR GP Glass Microfibre / Polypropylene Pharmaceutical Prefilters

Glass microfibre and polypropylene filtration medias combine in PROPOR GP clarification filters to expand retention capabilities for maximum protection of downstream membrane filters and processing equipment.

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PROCLEAR PP Polypropylene Pharmaceutical Prefilters

PROCLEAR PP liquid filters are ideal for the general pharmaceutical clarification duties. The all polypropylene construction makes these filters especially suited to applications where chemical compatibility could be an issue.

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