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Optimizing Growth Media Filtration

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The Challenge

A supplier to the biopharmaceutical industry producing growth media at it's site in Europe wanted to optimize the filtration train used to sterilize the product before being stored in bioprocess containers. 

The customer was using a filter train supplied by another supplier comprising five filter stages - three prefiltration and two sterile filtration stages. They were keen to reduce this to as few stages as possible.

The growth media was to be used for cell culture in upstream bioprocesses and Mycoplasma control was a major requirement. The customer also wanted a double sterile filtration to be able to process a full 2000 L batch in less than 6 hours to reduce contamination risks. 

Developing a Solution

Due to the requirement for Mycoplasma control, a highly retentive 0.1 micron filter was specified for the application. Our technical support team recommended PROPOR MR polyethersulphone membrane filters which carry a retention claim (LRV >10 for Acholeplasma laidlawii). 

In addition, PROPOR MR has a superior flow rate and an increased capacity owing to its highly asymmetric integral prefilter layer. 

The Results

Using PROPOR MR, the filter train could be significantly reduced from five to only two stages, completely eliminating the need for prefiltration while still processing the batch in under 6 hours. Both stages were 0.1 micron filtration with PROPOR MR to satisfy the customer's requirements of double sterile filtration.

The customer cited Parker domnick hunter's technical support, the superior performance of the PROPOR MR, and the overall reduction in filtration costs, as the reasons for our success in this application.