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Automated Dual Feeding into Fermenters

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The Challenge

A large pharmaceutical company had gained a recombinant protein therapy production site through an acquisition. It needed to convert 16 used three-litre cell culture tanks into fermenters for the growth of E.coli bacteria. 

The aim was to optimize cell density in the converted tanks through automating the feed scheduling of glucose and yeast.

Developing a Solution

The process development team identified the need to test several different feed strategies to maximize cell concentration over a 33-hour incubation period.

They needed a single-use solution with a very precise feed rate - as low as 0.17 mL/min - as well as the ability to automate a changing flow rate over time. In addition, the collection of digital data of reactor weigh over time was essential.

The project required that the team use existing balances already on-site to save on costs.  

The Results

Parker domnick hunter successfully specified an automated reactor feeding system consisting of 16 ChemTec automated metering systems

Cell culture scientists needed 16 ChemTecs to communicate with their existing balances. Once of these balances was shipped to our site in the US where balance communication was programmed and tested by Parker domnick hunter engineers. 

A balance programming SOP was written and handed over to the client to ensure accurate communication of the remaining 15 on-site balances.