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Growth Media Preparation

Cell culture contamination can lead to lost production batches, process downtime and even product recalls. There has been increasing industry focus on the avoidance of cell culture contamination by Mycoplasma species and other diminutive organisms able to penetrate 0.2 micron filters. Parker domnick hunter can help you guard against this risk with the unique and highly retentive PROPOR MR filter designed specifically for Mycoplasma removal.


PROPOR MR filters can be integrated into Parker domnick hunter's SciLog® automated filtration systems featuring patented SciLog® sensor and control systems which maximize filtration performance, reducing the risk of filter blockages, increasing Mycoplasma retention and decreasing footprint.


The preparation, transfer and storage of growth media is facilitated by Parker domnick hunter's fluid management technology - including overmolded manifolds and bioprocess containers - enabling a complete single-use media filtration solution.  

Products for Growth Media Preparation