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Cell Culture Harvest

The recovery and sterilization of biopharmaceutical product from bioreactors requires the removal of cell debris impurities to prevent the fouling of membrane filters. Variation between upstream process makes these filtration steps unpredictable, risking blockages that can lead to yield loss.


SciLog® automated processes incorporating unique sensor technology, maximize the performance of clarifying filters and prevent filter over-sizing, thereby decreasing losses due to hold-up volume while our range PROPOR TFF range of hollow fibre cross flow filters is the ideal choice for economical clarification of cell culture harvests.


For small-scale bioreactors, Parker domnick hunter offers HarvestClear®, an out-of-the-box integrated filtration system which requires no clarifying filter pre-flushing.  Simply connect your bioreactor to the sterile, ready-to-use filtration manifold for safe walk-away cell culture harvest clarification with up to 30% greater filter throughput using the patented R/P Stat mode.   

Products for Cell Culture Harvest