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Bioreactor Maintenance

As the biopharmaceutical industry matures, cell culture processes are becoming increasingly sophisticated, requiring greater automation and control in order to achieve high cell densities and greater bioreactor productivity. Advances in bioprocessing technology have re-ignited the industry's interest in continuous cell culture and perfusion.


Parker domnick hunter enables these highly productive cell culture processes with precision metering technologies, including SciLog® MabTec gravimetric bioreactor maintenance systems capable of finely controlling the delivery of fermenter feeds and perfusion flow rates.  


Integration of MabTec with WeighStation quantitative fluid management systems and our single-use overmolded manifolds and bioprocess containers allows fluid transfer by weight and the safe transport of liquid feeds. 

Parker domnick hunter's range of PROPOR TFF hollow fibre cross flow filters offer long module lifetimes with sustained high flux and productivity over prolonged periods of usage making them ideal for perfusion applications.

Products for Bioreactor Maintenance