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Condition Monitoring Solution

When used together, Voice of the Machine™ Software and SensoNODE™ Sensors create an advanced condition monitoring solution, for a range of markets, that delivers vital measurement data and analytics to help drive optimal tactical, operational, and strategic decisions, leading to maximum uptime.

Voice of the Machine from Parker

In-Plant Automotive

In-Plant Automotive

Automotive facilities are designed to operate like a perfectly tuned engine. But if any parts, machines, or systems encounter performance issues, it can impact component parts, quality, and the entire production line.

Parker's condition monitoring solutions are engineered to accurately monitor machine performance and alert of any deficiencies to prevent bottlenecks and reduce unscheduled downtime.

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In-Plant Industrial


The health of plant equipment and machinery is paramount, especially when those systems are heavily relied upon to delivering goods on time. The cost of unexpected downtime can be astronomical and result in unsatisfied customers looking elsewhere for services.

Production delays can be averted with the implementation of predictive maintenance solutions. Parker's condition monitoring tools ensure systems operate effectively and indicate minor issues before arising into serious problems.

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Injection Molding

Injection Molding

As the demand increases for more complex injection molding products, the injection molding process is becoming more sophisticated to keep pace. And with multiple points in the process that can impact product production and quality, monitoring these points is more important than ever.

IoT-based condition monitoring solutions can improve productivity and quality in injection molding operations.

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Mobile Equipment

Mobile Equipment

Rotating machine components are at the core of mobile equipment. Hydraulic assemblies, belts, gears, pump systems and motors are constantly in motion and most susceptible to disruptions. Minor problems detected early can be corrected before escalating into serious issues, resulting in unplanned downtime.

Condition-based predictive maintenance can maximize machine availability and performance while greatly reducing the cost of downtime and unscheduled service repairs.

Power Generation

Power GenerationGas and steam turbines are critical to efficiently running modern power plants. This means assets must perform with maximum reliability and capacity while achieving minimum operating and maintenance costs.

Condition monitoring is essential for maintaining optimal levels of production. By employing an effective solution that monitors assets and detects problems or unforeseen damage, operators can address and repair issues before they become problems that saves time and replacement costs.

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