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SCOUT™ Mobile is used for diagnostics and condition monitoring for predictive maintenance. The app allows users to connect to Parker’s SensoNODE™ wireless sensors to gather measurements for a wide range of fluid and gas applications.

SCOUT Mobile puts vital information and analytics in the palm of the user’s hand. It offers real-time and historic trend information collected by SensoNODE™ wireless sensors and presents it in a way that makes sense to user’s operation, providing the analytics needed to optimize asset performance. Data can also be easily exported and shared.

SCOUT Mobile alerts users to unexpected condition changes that may damage components and equipment. As levels rise above or fall below user-defined thresholds, users are alerted to these events, giving them an opportunity to address potential issues that could harm the system over time, helping to reduce unplanned downtime and increase productivity.


  • Mobile application designed for iOS and Android
  • Connect and display SensoNODE sensors


  • Intuitive design and user experience
  • Auto recognition enables users to quickly add and connect up to five sensors concurrently
  • Easy readability of measurements with visualized data in digital gauges and trend charts
  • View real-time measurements that includes current values and minimum/maximum indicators in addition to historical sensor information
  • Configurable alarm thresholds with alerts when thresholds are exceeded; monitoring continues while sensors are unattended
  • Customizable trend charts and dashboards
  • Mapping function for pressure, 4-20mA and displacement sensors that correlates raw measurements into your “specific” units
  • Easily export and share data


  • 22.0 MBM


  • Requires iOS 9 or newer/Android 4.4 or newer


  • English

Supported Devices:

  • iPhone (4S and newer)
  • iPod Touch (5th Gen and newer)
  • iPad 3, 4M
  • iPad Air and iPad Air 2
  • iPad Mini (1st Gen and newer)
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) supported Android devices

User Guide 3.1 for iOS

Download our SCOUT Mobile iOS User Guide


Our free app is now available in the App Store

User Guide 3.0 for Android

Download our SCOUT Mobile Android User Guide

SCOUT Android App

Our free Android app is available on Google Play