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SensoNODE™ Gold Fill Level Sensors

The new SensoNODE™ Gold Fill Level Sensors monitors fill level of liquids, chemicals and materials. See how it's helping car washes.

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Listening to the Voice of Your Machines

Download the Voice of the Machine eBookVoice of the Machine™ powers Parker’s IoT solutions and ensures data is being generated on dozens of critical parameters of your operation. With Voice of the Machine, you’re assured of component-level IoT that is interoperable, secure, scalable and easy-to-use.

  • Reduce your risk, maintenance costs and unplanned downtime
  • Uncover operational and performance improvements
  • Make smarter, more confident decisions and enjoy greater peace of mind
  • Leverage Parker’s expertise to employ easy, cost-effective strategies

Condition Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance

The way machines are monitored and maintained is changing with advanced IoT technologies. Download our white paper to learn how equipment condition monitoring tools allow manufacturing organizations to predict the future, reduce their costs, and do much more with less.
Download the white paper Condition Monitoring
Defective products or unexpected line shutdowns can be the first signs to an automotive manufacturer that processes have experienced a breakdown. Assessing machine and process health is the core of Parker’s SensoNODE condition monitoring wireless sensors and Voice of the Machine Software.
Preventing Disruptions in Automotive Production
Production delays affecting one customer are likely to affect others. And customers who don’t receive their orders on time tend to find different suppliers. Condition monitoring tools, such as Voice of the Machine and SensoNODE help solve these issues by giving operations engineers the gift of time.
Preventing Downtime in Industrial Manufacturing
Whether manufacturing millions of toys or hundreds of thousands of car parts, product quality and production cost are two of the biggest concerns for injection molding operations. Continuous condition monitoring automatically sends alerts when process conditions are changing or deteriorating.
Preventing Downtime in Industrial Manufacturing

Parker’s Condition Monitoring System

Condition Monitoring Solutions

Parker's condition monitoring solution is ideal for accurate and reliable condition monitoring for predictive maintenance solutions. Designed with accuracy and efficiency in mind, our sensors are engineered to work in perfect harmony with our software.

SensoNODE™ and Voice of the Machine™ are rooted in the Industrial Internet of Things, giving users an advanced condition monitoring solution that is fundamentally transforming operational efficiency.

Parker's Voice of the Machine™ Software and SensoNODE™ Gold Sensors deliver a cloud-based solution that allows access to measurements from anywhere with an internet connection. The sensors are developed for continuous pressure, temperature, humidity and vibration monitoring of industrial machinery.
Parker Continuous Condition Monitoring Software
Parker's Voice of the Machine Mobile App and SensoNODE Blue Sensors utilize Bluetooth technology to deliver measurements to any mobile device.
Parker Route-Based Condition Monitoring App
Learn more about SensoNODE™ Sensors, IoT in Manufacturing and Voice of the Machine™ Software for remote equipment monitoring.
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Customer Support

Parker is here to support you before, during and after your purchase. Here are a number of resources to support your product or to provide you more information about our Condition Monitoring solutions. If you do not find what you need, contact us directly.

Buy SensoNODE™ Blue Sensors

SensoNODE™ Blue Sensors and the Voice of the Machine™ Mobile App provide an easy to use diagnostics and monitoring system.

SensoNODE Blue Sensors are wireless, compact, and install in existing ports. The key sensors include Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity.

The data from the sensors is sent to the Voice of the Machine Mobile App.

The easy to use mobile app compiles data and allows users to track measurements immediately. The data can be exported for further analysis and sharing.

Reduce downtime out in the field, in the shop, and on the plant floor with SensoNODE Blue Sensors and Voice of the Machine Mobile App.