Continuous Remote Monitoring | Voice of the Machine
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Continuous Condition Monitoring

Track and Measure Your Machines

Voice of the Machine from ParkerFor more long-term condition monitoring applications, continuous condition monitoring allows you to track measurements to gauge the health of your machines and processes. Parker's Voice of the Machine™ Software and SensoNODE™ Gold Sensors deliver a complete standalone solution that isn't dependent on a facility network or IT department. All that is required is an internet connection and browser to monitor your machine conditions from anywhere.

Voice of the Machine Cloud Just Got Better

Parker’s Voice of the Machine Cloud Software has been helping customers monitor machines and performance to identify issues, reduce downtime and improve efficiencies. The platform is getting an update to build on its functionality and ease of use. The updates will give the platform a new look and provide for a more robust system.

  • Improved security
  • Updated visualization
  • Increased functionality
  • Ability to accommodate unique business cases
  • React to dynamic security environments
  • Deliver new features faster
  • Provide better support services
  • Greater customization

Monitor Assets Anywhere, Anytime

Voice of the Machine Software is Parker's cloud-based continuous condition monitoring interface that provides alerts, status, and analytics for increased awareness of your processes and assets.

Voice of the Machine Cloud Software is used for continuous monitoring of long-term condition monitoring applications. The web-based interface allows users to remotely retrieve data using SensoNODE™ Gold Sensors integrated into assets or production lines.
Maintain production quality and reduce downtime
The industry's most secure Edge-level solution. Seamlessly connect to nearly all industrial devices and systems, liberating, processing, and integrating the data from the factory floor into Cloud or on-premise, enterprise systems.
Connect to industrial devices and systems

Robust Sensors for Industrial Environments

SensoNODE™ Gold Sensors are Parker's networked, wireless sensors that are developed for continuous condition monitoring via the cloud or local applications. That means as long as you have an internet signal, you can get up-to-date measurements.

As the first of its kind, the SensoNODE™ Gold Fill Level Sensor monitors fill levels for liquids, chemicals, and materials in non-metallic 55-gallon containers.
Fill Level Sensor
Parker's SensoNODE™ Vibration Sensors provide a simple and effective way to measure vibration of industrial machinery.
SensoNODE™ Vibration Sensors
SensoNODE™ Gold Pressure Sensors are designed for accurate monitoring with the most commonly used pressures in industry.
SensoNODE™ Gold Pressure Sensors
Available as a standard, foot, probe or clamp design sensor, SensoNODE™ Gold Temperature Sensors are designed for accurate tracking of in-line or ambient temperatures.
SensoNODE™ Gold Temperature Sensors
SensoNODE™ Gold Humidity Sensors measure relative humidity and are ideal for both ambient and inert compressed gas monitoring applications.
SensoNODE™ Gold Humidity Sensors
Parker's SensoNODE™ Flexible Displacement Sensors are soft, thin, conformable devices that can take accurate measurements and readings while being strained over 100% for millions of cycles. The sensors are made of a tough silicon rubber and can withstand the harshest environments.
SensoNODE™ Flexible Displacement Sensors
The SensoNODE Analog Connector turns any wired sensor into a wireless device, making it easier to monitor any asset.
SensoNODE Analog Connector
The Wired Power Supply gives customers the ability to power wireless sensors from standard wall power.
Wired Power Supply
There are a number of accessories available for SensoNODE Sensors.
SensoNODE Accessories