Baghouse and dust collection training. Filter installs and services
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Turnkey Baghouse Services

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Need a Hand? We Can Help.

From inspection programs to conversions, we have a wide range of field services to support your dust collection system.

We have worked with our crews for 10+ years and they know our standards and our requirements to ensure our products continually outperform.

For over five years we have had zero recordable accidents and zero MSHA or OSHA citations during all of our service jobs. Plus, everyone on our team is MSHA and OSHA trained and highly experienced installing all types of baghouse filters.

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We help ensure your next outage is a success.

We have programs that give valuable insight toward understanding dust collection problems and finding solutions fast.

A used filter evaluation can give valuable information regarding the filter's condition.

We can handle all aspects of filter change outs from pre-outage planning to execution during an outage, freeing your personnel for other critical outage work.

Baghouse startup procedures vary from application to application and different types of baghouses. Proper start up procedures are critical to ensure the integrity and life expediency of the filters. 

Prior to making recommendations for a baghouse conversion or rebuild a proper inspection that analyzes all aspects of the baghouse is necessary. Sometimes simple changes can solve persistent baghouse filtration issues, or even help a marginal system become more reliable and efficient. 

Training Opportunities for Me

Dust Collection Training from Parker

Three Ways to Learn About Dust Collection
We have complimentary Webinars, in-person Seminars, and On-Site Training.

You will get real-world tips from industry experts that can produce an immediate, positive impact on the performance and reliability of your dust collection equipment. Learn from the strongest minds in the business.

Meet the Trainers

Learn tips and techniques to help you save costs, enhance equipment performance, and adhere to industry standards for baghouse dust collection. No problem is too big or too small.

Designed for anyone responsible for day-to-day baghouse or general dust collection operations and maintenance this complimentary webinar series can’t be beaten.

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Join us for two days of baghouse maintenance and troubleshooting training classes with industry experts providing advice on how to improve the performance and reliability of your dust collection equipment.

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Tailored for your operation, your people, and your specific needs. We will work with you to set-up an agenda and addresses specific challenges you are facing. Pricing varies, please contact us for details.

A Quote From an On-Site Training Attendee
"We've never had such a successful session. I heard from numerous attendees from our company that this was the best training that they've ever attended—one person has been in the industry for 30 years. I'm extremely excited to see the improvements that we're going to start tackling." - Brian, General Manager

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Ready to decrease costs and boost performance?

We can help you maximize your productivity and find a reliable solution that works. Contact us today to get started and download our Troubleshooting Guide to learn a few simple steps you can take to ensure your system is efficient and cost-effective.