BHA Filters are Quality and Provide You With a Clean Environment
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Dramatically increase filtration efficiency

BHA pleated filter elements provide maximum benefits through increased production and reduced operational costs.

High Efficiency, Fine Filtration

BHA® PulsePleat® Filter Elements

BHA PulsePleat filter elements provide maximum benefits through increased production and reduced operational costs. As an alternative to traditional filtration technology, Parker Hannifin produces an innovative and extensive family of pleated filter elements that offers proven performance and durability. With more than 4 million units sold to date, BHA PulsePleat filter elements along with BHA ThermoPleat® options deliver valuable benefits:

  • Provide superior filtration efficiency
  • Promote better airflow for increased throughput
  • Reduce air-to-cloth ratios
  • Reduce operating differential pressure
  • Reduce compressed air consumption
  • Eliminate the need for cages
  • Are easily installed and removed

Best of all, installation typically requires no modification to existing equipment. You can enjoy improved performance and energy savings without the expense of costly modifications.

BHA® PulsePleat® Filter Elements from Parker IGFG Division

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BHA Cartridge Filters

BHA ProTura filters feature a special surface nanofiber layer made from synthetic polymers so extremely fine, they are measured in fractions of a micron nanometers). This ultra-thin layer traps dust and fume particulate on the surface of the filter before it can embed deeper in the media—leading to better cleaning efficiency with fewer pulses and significantly less compressed air use. Parker offers high quality BHA Cartridge Filters to keep its customers' dust collectors running efficiently and energy smart.

  • Cylindrical Cartridges: Our round cylindrical cartridge filters rank among the highest in performance, efficiency and value. We stock a wide range of cylindrical replacement cartridge filters for use in nearly all major brands of dust collection systems and industry applications. They are available in an assortment of media, including our proprietary BHA ProTura nanofiber filters.

  • Oval Cartridges: Our oval cartridge filters also provide superior filtration with our advanced proprietary BHA ProTura nanofiber filtration technology. This technology is scientifically proven to achieve higher efficiency, cleaner air, lower pressure drop, longer filter life and greater energy savings than any other media used in cartridge filters.

  • Custom Cartridges: Parker also offers custom filters to meet a special application need or as an aftermarket filter for another brand. We can design and manufacture the right filter to meet your specified requirements. Our specialists will help you select the best media and filter configuration to fit your unique application.

Discover the difference in performance and value of Parker's BHA Cartridge Filters.

Parker's BHA Cartridge Filters

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BHA Filter Bags and Cages

Parker Hannifin delivers reliable and durable fabric filter bags and cages engineered to meet the needs of our customers' unique systems. We can deliver most any type of filter bag for your baghouse, regardless of OEM design and system conditions. Because of the variety of particulates collected and individual operational conditions of collection systems, selection of replacement filters should be determined through careful analysis of your current operating parameters.

Filtration fabric should be selected for maximum filtration efficiency, dust cake release, and durability. Operating conditions may include changes to gas stream chemistry, moisture or hydrocarbons, or high-temperature spikes. All need to be considered to get maximum filter life and performance. The style and construction of bags are typically determined by the collector cleaning system and if support cages are needed.

Parker also manufactures support cages in a variety of sizes, wire configurations, and materials to ensure optimum performance in unison with the proper fabric.

Learn more about fabric characteristics and suitability by referencing our Fact Sheet.

BHA Filter Bags and Cages from Parker

Learn more about BHA Filter Bags and Cages

BHA Preveil® ePTFE Membrane & Filters

BHA Preveil membrane is a microporous ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane that is bonded to the surface of conventional filter media, including felts and woven fabrics, to provide one of the highest efficiencies of any available filter bag media.

BHA Preveil is made from PTFE resin, a substance with inherent non-stick properties that can be used to help your dust collector operate at maximum efficiency by providing:

  • 99.99% efficiency
  • Higher airflow
  • Better cleaning
  • Optimum emissions control

Parker Hannifin is one of only a handful of organizations globally that offer testing capability, ASTM D6830-02 and VDI/DIN-3926. Filter media selection is one of the most critical factors to optimizing fabric filter performance. For added peace of mind, Parker offers performance guarantees on select BHA Preveil laminated filter bags for qualified applications.

High efficiency filtration for your dust collector

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Membrane from Parker

Offering the Latest Technology

Parker offers its latest addition to the BHA® Brand Product Portfolio, ProTura® SB Nano - now available in cartridges and pleated filters. These advanced nanofiber filters feature a layer of synthetic fibers so extremely fine, they are measured in fractions of a micron (nanometers). This ultra-thin layer traps dust and fume particulate on the surface of the filter before it can embed deeper in the media – leading to better cleaning efficiency with fewer pulses and significantly less compressed air use.

  • Superior durability
  • Higher efficiency and greater energy savings than other standard media
  • Greater resistance to moisture in the air stream
  • Longer filter life and cleaner air with ProTura SB Nano compared to 80/20 media

Read the ProTura SB Nano press release   Read the Smart Brief

ProTura® SB Nano - Now available in cartridges and pleated filters

Industrial Filter Test Lab

Parker's Industrial Filter Test Lab and Customer Experience Facility

The Industrial Filter Test Lab allows our engineers to conduct precise media and filter testing in the development of innovative filtration technologies. The highlight of the lab is a test rig dedicated to testing in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE 199-2016 which provides a quantitative method for determining the performance of pulse cleaned filters.

As a leading global provider of innovative filtration technologies and solutions, creating the Filter Test Lab and Customer Experience Facility is essential to finding the answers for our customer's biggest challenges.

Baghouse Top Load Pleated Filter Installation

Proper installation of a BHA top load pleated filter

BHA designs and manufactures pleated filters for most all applications, top load and bottom load PulsePleats, high-temperature ThermoPleats and dust cartridges to fit nearly any dust collector.

Watch this video to learn how to properly install a top load BHA PulsePleat filter.

BHA Powerwave® Acoustic & Impulse Cleaning Systems

Parker's BHA Powerwave+ acoustic cleaning system significantly improves the cleaning of air pollution control equipment, heat transfer surfaces, material handling and storage equipment and areas of production where particulate buildup occurs. As an alternative to sootblowers and sootblower cleaning, acoustic cleaners are air-operated devices that emit low frequency, high-energy sound waves. The sound waves create vibrations powerful enough to break apart and dislodge heavy concentrations of particulate on surfaces, but gentle enough to not harm the surface. After the material has been dislodged, gravity and/or gas flow removes it.

The BHA Powerwave+ impulse cleaning system enhances boiler operation and minimizes high maintenance expenses associated with other cleaning methods. This revolutionary technology provides significant advantages over traditional methods like sootblowing, rapping, manual shaking, blasting and high-pressure water washing. Because the BHA Powerwave+ effectively cleans using controlled and repeated impulses, cleaning can be performed online. Another advantage over traditional methods is the benefit from less tube wear and no unnecessarily wasted steam and water.

Acoustic Cleaning Advantages:

  • Powerful online cleaning technology
  • Removes thick and stubborn ash deposits better than traditional cleaning methods
  • Reduces the need for steam sootblowing
  • Enhances long-term operational ability
  • Cleaning process doesn't require personnel to enter area where buildup occurs
  • Fuel-efficient design has low operating cost with minimal maintenance
  • Can be integrated into plant control systems or operated in self-timed mode
  • Increases heat transfer and overall efficiency of processes
  • Operates online versus requiring an outage
  • Extends time intervals between downturns caused by off-line cleaning, allowing more time for production
  • Potentially less damage to boiler tubes
  • Easy to install and maintain, with a small footprint that preserves valuable space
  • Utilizes only small amounts of compressed air, fuel and 110 VAC

Learn more about BHA Preveil ePTFE
Membrane from Parker

Maximum Efficiency For Your System

Your fabric filter dust collector performance can only be as good as the weakest component in the system. Parker offers the BHA dust collector parts and accessories you need to maintain peak performance and consistent operation and efficiency.

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