Parker Hannifin's Baghouse Parts and Accessories are Top of the Line
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Solving challenges and enhancing system performance

Parker's designed its BHA products to decrease maintenance time and labor costs, while adding value to our customers' dust collection systems.

Designed to reduce maintenance, labor and costs

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Parker Hannifin is a single source supplier for baghouse parts, accessories and services. Learn more about our products, baghouse maintenance and how you can improve the performance of your dust collection system.

Detecting leaks in a Baghouse with BHA Visolite

Watch this video for a quick overview on the importance of using BHA Visolite

Finding and fixing leaks in a baghouse can be easy when you use leak detection powder and follow these simple injection procedures. Watch this video for a quick overview on leak detection powder and the importance of using BHA Visolite.

New Patent Under the BHA® Product Portfolio

Parker now offers a patented connector that allows customers to replace their 8, 9, and 10-meter bags with pleated filters and gain more options to better manage their baghouse filtration systems. The connector allows two, two-meter pleated filters to be joined together without the use of any tools, installation is trouble-free.

Performance benefits include:

  •  Reduced air-to-cloth ratios
  •  Lower operating differential pressure
  •  Energy savings
  •  Higher production output
  •  Easy installation and removal of filters
BHA® ThermoPleat® installation with connector shown above tubesheet

Fabric Selection

BHA Accessories: Fabric Selection

Because each baghouse has its own set of characteristics and system parameters, it is important to evaluate many variables from temperature to particulate abrasiveness in order to choose a fabric best suited to the system. Typically, felt filter bags are used in pulse-jet collectors. Woven filter bags are used in reverse air or shaker baghouses.

Parker offers a number of specialty fabrics that collect particulate with the dustcake and fabric structure including Tri-Loft and Reverse Air Tri-loft fiberglass which uses highly texturized bulky yarns to add surface area, depth and felt-like density. Duo-Density felt fabrics are used in pulse-jet and reverse air dust collectors and feature a blend of finer denier fibers to provide a tighter surface for filtration without increasing differential pressure.

Improve Performance with Particulate Matter Control

Filter Bag Parts & Accessories

Filter Bag Parts & Accessories from Parker

When you need bags for your collector, don't overlook the parts and accessories. Not including these items is usually false economy. New bags won't stop emissions without new seals or gaskets to help seal them to the tubesheet for a leak-free fit.

Your bag may need replacement because your venturis is showing signs of wear, your tubesheet may have cracks, or burrs may have snagged your bags during installation. Whatever the reason, before replacing bags, a technical inspection by a Parker baghouse specialists can prevent delays in getting the unit back online. If problems exist beyond simple bag replacement, they can be identified and plans can be formed to get your equipment back in operation to meet air pollution control requirements.

Check Out the Baghouse Maintenance Checklist

Baghouse Control

Parker has the dust collector parts and accessories you need

Your fabric filter dust collector performance can only be as good as the weakest component in the system. Over time, leaks and cracks can develop and cleaning system components can fail. Even new systems need monitoring and performance tuning to meet your applications. Ambient conditions, pressure gauges, and cleaning systems controls are an important part of getting the maximum efficiency from your system.

Parker Hannifin can provide you with the dust collector parts and accessories you need to maintain peak performance and consistent operation and efficiency.

Particulate Matter Emissions Control Products & Services Portfolio Overview

Monitoring & Control

Real-time Baghouse monitoring and control

Parker offers particulate controls, monitoring solutions and sensors that help prevent excess emissions and related problems by providing reliable low-level particulate monitoring, early warning leak detection, better control, and real-time diagnostics of filtration systems. Particulate monitors include simple lower-cost detectors to high performance measuring instruments. Controls include basic and diagnostic controllers to comprehensive large-scale control systems.

By monitoring your baghouse operations and receiving immediate data on performance and maintenance issues, you can enable your personnel to address and prevent downtime and other costly issues.

Visolite® & Neutralite®

The patented BHA Visolite Leak Detection System helps reduce downtime and is more effective and safer than visual inspections. Parker designed BHA Visolite to provide the highest visibility for locating filter bag tears, holes, bad seals and structural weak points—such as weld cracks. To facilitate trying to find leaks, BHA Visolite, a lightweight fluorescent powder, is injected into the baghouse. The powder follows the path of least resistance, accumulating around the source of leakage. A monochromatic light is then used to pinpoint the exact location of air leakage and indicate its severity.

BHA Neutralite Conditioning Agents are injected into a baghouse to establish initial dust cake on new filter bags or to re-establish dust cake on bags in operation. BHA Neutralite powder protects bags from particulate bleed through, blinding, and problems caused by hydrocarbons and moisture carryover. Parker also offers both BHA Neutralite Powder and BHA Neutralite SR (Spark Retardant) for specialized applications to help prevent bags from spark carryover.

Learn About Visolite Inspections

Tubesheets & Doors

Parker offer tubesheets, thimbles and access doors for baghouses

Parker offer tubesheets, thimbles and access doors for baghouses. Tubesheets can be fabricated to close tolerances, which provide an effective bag seal to reduce potential leakage. Thimbles are exposed to harsh baghouse elements and can become corroded, resulting in leaks. Parker manufactures thimbles from 12 to 18 gauge carbon or stainless steel to reduce corrosion in chemically active units. We also offer the Center Pivot Access Door and the Insulated Single and Double Access Doors.

Door Seal

Parker offers door seals to meet specific application needs

Proper door seals save money by preventing outdoor air from leaking into your air pollution control equipment. If doors do not seal properly, they can cause many problems within your air pollution control equipment, including corrosion of doors and walls, fugitive emissions, production losses, reduction of airflow across filters because of condensation and blinding and maintenance problems. Door seals are available to meet specific needs of doors and applications based on gas chemistry, temperature and door configurations.

See Our Guide on Seal

Pulse Valves

Pulse valves for efficient operation of your baghouse cleaning system

Diaphragm and solenoid valves work together for efficient operation of the baghouse cleaning system. Parker offers many valves to best fit your application, including high volume and low pressure models. For extremely corrosive applications, valves can be coated in a variety of finishes. Integral solenoid valves can be mounted directly on the diaphragm valve while remote solenoids are mounted in a separate NEMA enclosure. Goyen® and ASCO® valves are also available. Parker can provide technical support, complete rebuild instructions and an in-house engineering staff to assist your crews with site-specific valve problems.

Read Our SmartBrief on Valve Troubleshooting

Bag Clamps

Simplify bag installation with new clamps from Parker

Simplify bag installation with new clamps, which help increase bag life by decreasing leakage and abrasion. Parker designed each clamp specifically to ensure bag sealing and make filter installation simple and quick. We offer a variety of styles and sizes to match your equipment requirements. Clamps can be used with raw edge, cord, hem, sleeve constructed bags and some pleated filter elements. We recommend replacing clamps each time filter elements are changed.

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Vacutrans® Vacuum Cleaning System

Vacutrans Vacuum Cleaning System for compressed air

Parker designed Vacutrans specifically as an industrial/contractor's tool to convert the compressed air supply into a high-powered vacuum and material transferring system. This cleaning system can pick up and convey powders, plastic pellets, grain, sand, abrasives, aggregates, liquids, and numerous other bulk materials in clean up and material transfer functions. It can be used to inject BHA® Neutralite® Conditioning Agent or BHA Visolite® Leak Detection powder, and also convert to a shop vacuum.

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