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Increased performance. Maximum quality.

BHA® Pleated Filter Elements are Parker's innovative and extensive family of pleated filter elements offering longer filter life, proven performance, and durability.

BHA® Pleated Filter Elements

BHA pleated filter elements provide maximum benefits through increased production and reduced operational costs.

With today’s demands of increased production and tighter emission controls, dust collectors can be pushed beyond their design limits. If they fail to keep up, production and profitability suffer.

Spunbond Media Leads to Dramatic Increase in Filtration Efficiency

BHA PulsePleat media is unlike any traditional felt or woven fabric. Manufactured by the layering and calendering of fine denier fibers, it features a tight pore structure that better resists particulate penetration. Physically rigid, it can hold a pleat without the support of backing material and withstand temperatures up to 265° F (130° C). Spunbond media, when pleated and molded into a PulsePleat filter, can increase filtration surface area 3 to 4 times more than conventional filter bags. This can lead to a dramatic increase in filtration efficiency while operating at a significantly lower differential pressure.
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BHA pleated filter elements provide maximum benefits
 Spunbond media leads to dramatic increase in filtration efficiency
BHA Pleated Filter Elements from Parker

Troubleshooting Guide

Learn how to maximize efficiency and minimize problems by downloading our Dust Collection Systems Troubleshooting Guide.

Packed with targeted information for cement, combustion, metals, and process industries, this guide offers an in-depth look at the most common system issues and their solutions. General troubleshooting for various systems, conveyers and collectors is covered, with targeted examples from each industry. References are included with dust collection formulas, recommended maintenance schedules, an air volume cheat sheet and more. Plus a convenient and useful dust collector system troubleshooting flowchart is included. Created by the filtration experts at Parker, this 68-page guide is a valuable tool for your operations.

Download Parker Dust Collection Systems Troubleshooting Guide

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