BHA Preveil ePTFE Membrane Dust Collection Filters
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High efficiency filtration for your dust collector

Our global team of industry specialists in the applicaton of ePTFE membrane filter bags can help you select the right filtration solution to improve operations and optimize baghouse performance.

BHA Preveil ePTFE Membrane Dust Collection Filters

Preveil ePTFE Membrane Laminated Filter Bags for Air Pollution Control

What is ePTFE Membrane? A microporous "skin" layer laminated to traditional filtration media

  • Web of overlapping fibrous strands
  • Air passages are smaller than particulate
  • Extremely porous filter surface
  • PTFE derivative yields slick surface
  • Bag cleaning more complete
  • Less energy typically needed

The microporous structure of the membrane keeps particulate out of the fabric, collecting particles on the surface of the filter media which reduces internal abrasion and helps extend filter life. This fine filtration method virtually eliminates emissions that take place at startup and following the cleaning cycle. The result: greater ventilation, reduced internal abrasion, and fewer emissions than a standard filter.

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BHA Preveil ePTFE for High Efficiency Filters

It's not just the quality of the membranes we make that sets us apart—it's what we do to them. Using our core competencies in membrane extrusion, lamination, and finishing treatments, we design BHA Preveil membrane filter bags to improve filtration efficiency and operate at consistently low differential pressures. This helps reduce filter changeouts and energy costs, extends filter service life, and can help lower particulate emissions across a wide range of applications.

The key reasons you should add Preveil membrane to your media:

  • The membrane provides the best achievable control technology for filterable particulate (BACT)
  • Better cleaning
  • Consistently lower differential pressure
  • Resistance to moisture in the gas stream
  • Longer bag life
  • Reduced energy cost potential
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Troubleshooting Guide

Learn how to maximize efficiency and minimize problems by downloading our Dust Collection Systems Troubleshooting Guide.

Packed with targeted information for cement, combustion, metals, and process industries, this guide offers an in-depth look at the most common system issues and their solutions. General troubleshooting for various systems, conveyers and collectors is covered, with targeted examples from each industry. References are included with dust collection formulas, recommended maintenance schedules, an air volume cheat sheet and more. Plus a convenient and useful dust collector system troubleshooting flowchart is included. Created by the filtration experts at Parker, this 68-page guide is a valuable tool for your operations.

Download Parker Dust Collection Systems Troubleshooting Guide

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