Pneumatic Connectors, Automation Push-To-Connect Tube Fitting | Parker
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Fittings, Couplings, Valves and Assembly Tools

Parker is your complete source for quality pneumatic tube fittings, hose & hose fittings, brass & composite fittings, quick disconnect couplings, valves and assembly tools, locally available from a worldwide network of authorized distributors.

Pneumatic Push-to-Connect Fittings

Composite push-to-connect or push-in air fittings provide a simple way of connecting tubes to a fitting. Prestolok composite fittings reduce assembly time by eliminating the use of a sleeve and tightening of a nut.
Parker Composite Push to Connect Air Fittings
Parker's Prestolok PLP pneumatic fittings offer improved throughput, increased efficiency, smaller footprints, faster assembly and leak-free innovation.
Prestolok Nickel Plated Push to Connect Fittings
Parker's Prestolok PLM fittings have a high phosphorous, FDA compliant, electroless nickel plating which is resistant to water, harsh detergents and other aggressive fluids.
Electroless Nickel Plated Push-to-Connect (PLM)
Parker's PLS fittings conforms to FDA standards permitting permanent contact with food and other aggressive environments.
Parker PLS Push-to-Connect Fittings
Parker's push-to-connect oscillating elbows are designed for optimum reliability and durability preventing tube wear due to excessive flexing of the tubing.
Parker Oscillating Elbows
Parker's industrial push-to-connect cartridges allow you to eliminate the space and labor required to install and assemble a conventional pipe thread fitting.
Parker Industrial Push-to-Connect Cartridges

Pneumatic Function Fittings

Parker flow control regulators offer precise adjustment, accuracy and compactness providing the solution for all applications. Flow control regulators are available with polymer or nickel-plated brass bodies and external or recessed adjustment screws.
Parker Flow Control Valves
Parker's blocking valves prevents damage to work and equipment in the event of a loss of pressure.
Parker Blocking Valves
Slow start fittings protect your system by preventing sudden shocks. On start up, they control the pressure increase in the downstream circuit which helps prevent the risk of industrial accidents.
Parker Slow Start Fittings
Parker's check valves allow compressed air to flow in one direction and prevent it from flowing in the other. Fitted upstream of the circuit to be protected, they provide total protection.
Parker Check Valves

Brass Fittings and Adapters

Parker's forged and extruded brass pipe fittings meet functional requirements of SAE J530 and SAE J531.
Parker Brass Pipe Adapters
Parker's brass hose barb fittings are an economical choice for general purpose fluid handling and pneumatics, available in both tapered and beaded barb styles.
Parker Brass Hose Barbs
Parker's brass push-on hose barb is a compact one piece fitting for a quick, economical way to connect polyethylene tubing.
Parker Brass Hose Barbs for Tubing
Parker's compression fittings require no flaring, soldering or other preparation of tubing necessary to assemble. Offered in both forgings and extrusions compression fittings meet functional requirements of SAE J-512.
Parker Brass Compression Fittings