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Browse our selection of catalogs, bulletins, videos, and case studies to learn how Parker Fluid System Connectors can help your pneumatics solution.

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Fittings Video

Food and beverage packaging customers and OEMs depend on fluid system connectors like fittings and tube products to keep pneumatic air flow control and fluid transfer systems running at peak efficiency. Watch "Tips on Fittings and Tubing for Food & Beverage Packaging OEM" to see how Parker FSC fittings can be an ideal solution for your application.

Selecting the right flow control

Flow Control Fittings & Regulators

A pneumatic flow control provides precise speed control of air flow entering or leaving a pneumatic actuator. Flow controls combine a needle valve and a check valve. The needle valve meters the flow in one direction, while the check valve allows free flow in the opposite direction, but prevents return flow. Watch the video to find out how to select the appropriate flow control for your application.


Parker's Prestolok PLM Push-to-Connect Metal Fittings paired with Parflex 95FR Microweld Tubing is an ideal option for low to medium pressure air and water supply lines where weld spatter protection is required.
Pnuematic Connector Solution
Learn about our products and custom solutions by downloading our Pneumatic Automation Connectors catalog.
Pneumatic Connectors
Quickly reference our range of push-to-connect fittings for pneumatic automation and aggressive service applications.
Quick Connect Pneumatic Fittings

Case Studies

A car wash OEM experienced long lead times for stainless steel fittings from their current supplier. Parker quickly worked to provide a better, more cost-effective solution
Car Wash OEM Reduces Lead Time and Inventory
An OEM of small compressors was experiencing problems with both cost and on-time delivery for their FRLs and brass fittings. Moving to Parker provided the OEM with reliable delivery times, lower shipping cost and reduced both the number of line items to order and the number of suppliers.
Compressor Manufacturer Lowers Shipping Costs
A car wash OEM, was experiencing long lead times for stainless steel fittings from their current supplier. Parker proposed changing to Parker’s Prestolok PLP Composite fittings, LIQUIFit™ thermoplastic fittings and flow controls.
Food Packaging Equipment OEM Cuts Inventory

How to Reduce Connections in Pneumatic Builds

How to Reduce Connections in Pneumatic Builds

Even if pneumatic fittings and tubing are the last components to be specified in a typical food and beverage packaging build, they still merit close consideration. Improperly specified connectors contribute to early component deterioration, causing leaky connections and even pressure drop.

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Four Ways to Assess Fluid System Connectors

Four Critical Ways to Assess Fluid System Connectors

No matter how impressive the food or beverage packaging process you build, it’s only as strong as its weakest link. Which, in the case of packaging system design, should never be the fluid system connectors. Learn four key issues that indicate when your OEM system tubing and fittings need a closer look.

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