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Other Fuels

Reduce fuel costs and emissions while gaining quieter engines and a cleaner environment.


Other fuelsLNG and LPG fuels are less expensive alternatives to traditional fuels and are used in more and more motor vehicles. These alternative fuels reduce carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbon vehicle exhaust emissions. Still, they are prone to the same types of contamination present in traditional fuels. Parker Hannifin employs dedicated teams who focus only on the fuel market to provide you with the best possible system solutions. By using components that are designed to work together, and in some cases, designed to work as a complete system, customers are able to simplify maintenance change outs, purchases and reduce unexpected downtime. 


• Cleaner than Gasoline and Diesel
• Reduced Fuel Costs
• Reduced Air Emissions
• Lower Risk of Combustion Compared to Gasoline and Diesel
• Quieter Engines
• Cleaner Environment


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LNG: Valves and Receptacles

These long life Bestobell cryogenic globe valves feature an innovative loose flange bolted bonnet design that allows for thermal expansion and contraction, eliminating leakage at the bonnet gasket. Extremely durable and lightweight, they offer smooth frictionless operation.
Bestobell Cryogenic Globe Valve
The Bestobell compact cryogenic thermal relief valves prevents damage to piping and equipment caused by the expansion of liquefied gases. These valves will lift at =/- 3% of set pressure rating and are designed to reseat correctly after venting off to prevent the waste of cryogenic gases.
Bestobell Cryogenic Thermal Relief Valve
Universal receptacle design will connect with other manufacturer's nozzles. Valve automatically opens when connected and closes when disconnected. Offers up to 300 psi (20.7 bar) max working pressure and is ECE R110 certified and compliant with ISO 12617.
Kodiak Fueling Receptacle

LNG: Fluid Conveyance

Designed for extreme chemical and temperature applications, Parker’s metal hose offers excellent chemical resistance with zero permeation. Hydroformed design yields a uniform wall thickness, promoting even distribution of stress during flexing and reduces concentrated residual stress.
Parker Metal Hose
Seal-Lok Xtreme for LNG applications are field replaceable fittings that use a patented stainless-steel metal sealing ring. Achieve superior tube and hose connections at temperatures as low as -328°F (-200°C) and as high as 1200°F (650°C). Working pressures up to 6000 psi and corrosion resistant.
Seal-Lok™ Xtreme Fittings
Designed for fueling LNG vehicles, the Kodiak Nozzle offers an easy, single action connection with Parker's Kodiak Receptacle. Engineered for use with cryogenic fluids, the nozzle design provides a thermal break to reduce freezing of the locking mechanism.
Kodiak Fueling Nozzle

LPG Solutions

Typical LPG applications include Alternative Fuel Vehicles, Bi-Fuel Vehicles, School Buses, Shuttle Buses, Fleet Delivery Vans, Vocational Trucks and Taxis. View the products below for featured LPG solutions.

If you make or maintain LPG/CNG powered equipment, SS23CG hose is your choice for gas permeation resistance and reliable performance. Exceeds Canadian Gas Association specification CAN/CGA-8.1-M86 Type III which means it meets permeation requirements of 1,6 g/m2-day.
SS23CG Low-Pressure CNG Hose
Parker's SS25UL hose is a liquefied petroleum gas hose that has a constant working pressure of 350 PSI to deliver consistency and reliability. Designed, built, and tested to meet UL Standard 21 performance specifications with sizes range from 3/16" to 5/8" in diameter.
SS25UL Liquefied Petroleum Gas Hose
Reliability, versatility and a high degree of customization. Approved according to ECE R67 class 1, CSA and CNG ECR R110. -25°C(-13°F) up to +100°C (212°F)- short time 125°C (25°7F)
8LPG Hoses
Used on-board propane-powered vehicles including shuttle buses, delivery trucks, vans, lift trucks and turf maintenance vehicles. Unique housing prevents contaminants settled in liquid propane tanks and fuel lines from reaching critical engine components.
Replaceable Filter Element Housing LPGR-200
Used on-board propane powered vehicles to prevent contaminants in the fuel tank from getting into the engine. Filter rated for 500 psig and removes submicronic contaminants rated to either 5 micron or 1 micron. Small size allows for versatile installation and easy servicing.
Disposable Liquid Propane Filters LPGD-200
Used on-board propane powered vehicles including school buses, transit vehicles, delivery trucks, and a growing number of propane autogas applications. Piloted piston valve designs with optional excess flow valve, check valve, and manual shutoff for enhanced performance.
LPG Control Valves
Designed for a broad range of gas train systems including flexible fuel arrangements for stationary generators and industrial gas engines. Forged aluminum flange-mount body with multiple pressure or temperature sensor port options. Designed for CNG and LPG systems.
Bi-Fuel Gas Shut Off Valve

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