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On Vehicle: Performance, safety, and fewer emissions

Our fuel conveyance, regulation and filtration components help OEMs and integrators build better systems

Parker: On Vehicle

On VehicleFrom the refueling receptacle to the engine compartment, Parker offers precise, robust, reliable components and multi-technology systems that make a noticeable difference in performance. Our application experts can help you design a fuel regulator or complete fuel system that will add competitive advantage. Have a conveyance, filtration, regulation or control challenge? Our engineers are ready to talk.


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On Board Fuel Regulation Module (FM80)

Available with multiple options, Parker's integrated gas regulator system provides advanced fuel handling performance. Piston regulator design delivers better control, fewer connections, and longer range.

• Optimized for 5 to 12 liter engines
• Stable, precise pressure control of CNG from 225 psi (15 bar) through 3,600 psi (248 bar) inlet pressure
• Tested and designed for extreme environmental operating conditions
• Extreme -40°F (-40°C) and +248°F (+120°C) ambient temperature
• Superior flow pressure-characteristics compared to other products available in the market with a 20 psi (1.4 bar) delivery pressure envelope
• Maintains stable pressures and high flow to the downstream components across the full operating range of CNG vehicles tank pressures of 3600 psig to 225 psig (250 bar to 15 bar)
• The FM80 is fully configurable. Request a FM80 Technical Bulletin (PN 25000314) from Veriflo Division for more information

The On Board Fuel Regulation Module (FM80) features a machined body gas regulator with any or all of the following options: integrated high pressure filter, high and low pressure sensors, lock-off solenoid valve, heat exchanger and pressure relief device.
On Board Fuel Regulation Module (FM80)

Fuel Conveyance

Flexible, lightweight hose serves as primary conveyance of CNG in all areas of the vehicle system up to the firewall. Class A assemblies rated to 150°F (65° C) and Class D assemblies rated to 185°F (85° C), both at 5,000 psi (345 bar).
5CNG High-Pressure Hose
Flexible, lightweight hose serves as primary conveyance of CNG downstream of pressure regulator. Rated to 248°F (120°C) at 500 psi (34.5 bar). Conforms to and listed per: NFPA 52, ANSI/CSA NGV 3.1, CSA 12.3, Class C Certificate# 70102698.
CNGRP Low Pressure Hose
CNG compatible low-pressure, rubber-covered hose with nylon inner tube. High temperature rated to 250°F (121° C) at 425 psi (29 bar). Flexible with a small bend radius for easy routing. Meets UL 21 588, 569 and ECE R110 / R67 specifications, CAN / CGA-8.1-M86 Type III.
SS23CG Low-Pressure Hose

Valves and Receptacles

Provide reliable shutoff or switching functions. Upper and lower trunnion bearings enhance the resistance of the trunnions against seizure, and increase the valve life in extreme applications. Perfect for diverter applications such as fueling / defueling vehicles.
HB4 Series Ball Valves
Manually, pneumatically, and electrically actuated two-way B Series ball valves provide quick, 1/4 turn, on-off control of natural gas. Certified by CSA for NGV applications such as bulk containers and manual shutoff on vehicle fuel systems as per NFPA 52.
B Series Ball Valves
Located on the fuel line between the fill receptacle and the fuel tank, Parker’s CVS-363 check valve allows depressurization of the nozzle and receptacle, preventing return flow. Offers uni-directional flow control.
Check Valves
Parker's Heavy Duty CNG Receptacles are capable of flows as high as 5000 scfm, decreasing the amount of time to fuel larger vehicles, buses, and trucks. FMS-6*2 Heavy Duty CNG Fueling Receptacles are compatible with all Heavy Duty CNG fueling nozzles conforming to ANSI/NGV1 and ISO 14469 standards.
Heavy Duty Fueling NGV1 Receptacles
Our high-pressure, high-flow, two-way normally closed valves offer higher working pressure than competitors’ models and all stainless steel construction for optimum performance. Bubble-tight maximum allowed leakage and ISO 15500 / ECE R110 approval in process.
High-Pressure CNG Valves
Two-way, brass, normally closed valve line specifically designed for low-pressure CNG applications. Offers exceptionally high flow for a low pressure valve. Located downstream of the pressure regulator. Bubble-tight maximum allowed leakage and ECE R110 approved valve; 3/8" and 1/2" NPT available.
Low-Pressure CNG Valves


Positioned on the low pressure side of the vehicle system between the pressure regulator and the fuel injectors. Protect fouling of fuel injectors. Multiple sizes, efficiency grades for application versatility with 800 psig (55 bar) maximum pressure.
FFC-110 / 110L Filters
Positioned on the high-pressure side of the vehicle system between the storage tank and the pressure regulator where pressures can typically reach 3,600 psig (248 bar). Protects regulator from contaminant buildup.
FFC-112 / 112L / 113 Filters
The FFC-213 is lightweight aluminum filter for on-board alternative fuel vehicles. It removes submicronic contaminants with removal efficiencies from 95% (grade 10) to 99.97% (grade 6), ensuring long service intervals for components like fuel injectors and regulators.
FFC-213 / 3600 PSIG Filters (Aluminum)


Single ferrule tube fittings of precision-engineered parts designed to provide secure, leak-proof connections on vehicle. Proven in thousands of critical vibration and pressure applications, including CNG.
CPI™ Tube Fittings
Two ferrule tube fittings of precision engineered parts designed to provide secure, leak-proof connections on vehicle. Manufactured to the highest quality standards. Proven in CNG applications around the globe. Available in a broad range of sizes, materials, and configurations.
A-LOK® Tube Fittings
Parker Seal-Lok Fittings for CNG hose assemblies utilize an elastomeric seal compound that is specially designed to address the needs of the compressed natural gas market.
Seal-Lok™ for CNG

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