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At the Station: Faster, safer dispensing for fleets

From the fuel nozzle to the shutoff valve Parker has your dispenser covered

Parker: At the Fueling Station

At the fueling stationParker offers complete line of natural gas filtration, control, conveyance, and dispensing solutions for more efficient and faster fill times. If you are an OEM, system integrator or fleet maintenance manager, look to Parker for components and multi-technology systems that are certified to the standard. Have a unique application or the need to push the envelope of innovation? We can support that, too, with a team of NG application experts that will help to engineer your success.  


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Available in a variety of filter sizes and media, these reliable 800 psig (55 bar) filters have multiple applications in a CNG system. Use them as contaminant protection in pre- and post-filters for a gas dryer, a compressor intake filter, and inner-stage compression filters.
M-Series Filters
5,000 psig (345 bar) filters remove solid and liquid contaminants from natural gas. Available in a variety of filter sizes and media, these versatile filters can be used as a compressor post-filter to storage cascades and fuel dispensing equipment. More filter choices than any other competitor.
J-Series Filters


Provides reliable shutoff or switching functions. Upper and lower trunnion bearings enhance the resistance of the trunnions against seizure, and increase the valve life in extreme applications. Ideal for safe and economical dispensing applications on time fill stands.
HB4 Series Ball Valves
Manually, pneumatically, and electrically actuated two-way B Series ball valves provide quick, 1/4 turn, on-off control of natural gas. Broad selection of valve body, seat, and seal materials provide a wide range of operating pressures and temperatures.
B Series Ball Valves
High integrity, precision instrumentation check, bleed/purge, needle, and pressure relief valves and manifolds for all isolation, regulation, direction control, and over-pressure protection applications.
Valves and Manifolds

Fuel Conveyance and Dispensing

Placed on the fuel return line, our reliably performing NGVBCN2-VL breakaway ensures the venting of the CNG hose in the event of a “drive off.”
Vent Line Breakaway
NGV1 standard refueling nozzles for public or private use. Can be classified as Type 2 or 3, for use in both fast-fill or time-fill service. Non-marring polyurethane sleeve protects vehicle body from surface damage. The dock holds the nozzle when not in use, keeping it clean and accessible.
Nozzle and Nozzle Dock
The NGVBCN2-P50 breakaway is certified to NGV4.4 standard for breakaway devices used on natural gas dispensing hoses and systems. It allows the hose to safely disconnect, preventing damage to the dispenser in the event of “drive off,” sealing the CNG in the line to prevent leakage and hose whip.
Fuel Line Breakaway
Parker Seal-Lok Fittings for CNG hose assemblies utilize an elastomeric seal compound that is specially designed to address the needs of the compressed natural gas market.
Seal-Lok for CNG
Seal-Line™ Tubing is the only "direct burial ready" CNG tubing for fueling stations. It minimizes, and often eliminates, long-term mechanical damage to CNG fuel lines and the chance of environmental chemical attack. The stainless steel tubing comes with the protective jacket extruded over the tube.
Seal-Line™ Tubing
Single ferrule tube fittings of precision-engineered parts designed to provide secure, leak-proof connections on vehicle. Proven in thousands of critical vibration and pressure applications, including CNG.
CPI Tube Fittings
Two ferrule tube fittings of precision engineered parts designed to provide secure, leak-proof connections on vehicle. Manufactured to the highest quality standards. Proven in CNG applications around the globe. Available in a broad range of sizes, materials, and configurations.
A-LOK Tube Fittings
Flexible, lightweight hose serves as primary conveyance of CNG in all areas of the vehicle system up to the firewall. Class A assemblies rated to 150°F (65° C) and Class D assemblies rated to 185°F (85° C), both at 5,000 psi (345 bar).
5CNG High-Pressure Hose

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