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Parker Scavenge Oil Filters & FAA Certified Kit

Parker's Scavenge Oil Filter Systems provide optimum filtration for the aircraft's entire oil system. Easy to use, each kit arrives complete and ready to install, containing all the components and documentation required to complete the installation.

Providing Superior Engine Protection

Parker Scavenge Oil Filters, available in FAA certified kits or as original equipment, provide superior engine protection to operators of turbine powered helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. By filtering oil downstream of the scavenge pumps, these filters remove contaminants generated by the engine, such as carbon and metal wear particles, and protect the oil cooler, reservoir and engine.

Top Ten Reasons for Using a Scavenge Oil Filter System:

  1. Removes carbon and metal particles down to 3 microns.
  2. Engine and oil system operate more efficiently.
  3. Reduces false chip lights.
  4. Keeps magnetic plugs clean and operating longer.
  5. Extends oil change intervals.
  6. Protects expensive oil coolers.
  7. Removes the abrasive grit ingested in the engine's oil system from hostile environments (deserts, beaches, construction sites, etc.).
  8. Increased bearing, gear and seal life.
  9. Microdelta® differential pressure indicator alerts operator of impending filter bypass and need to change the filter element. Each filter also comes with a bypass valve to ensure a constant supply of oil to the engine.
  10. Each filter system comes in an easy to install kit which is FAA certified (STC). No special tools required.


Over 4,000 helicopter operators can't be wrong!

Parker Scavenge Oil Filter Kit

Parker Scavenge Oil Filters

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On Board Filtration Solutions for Your Application

Parker offers the a comprehensive line of on board filtration solutions for the aerospace market, locally available from a worldwide network of authorized distributors. Tell us about your application, request technical or engineering support, or send us your questions. We look forward to working with you.