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Over 20 million flight hours can't be wrong or the sales of more than 10,000 filter kits, 250,000 elements and 18 FAA/STCs. When you choose Parker as your partner, you gain an expert in filter media as part of your team.

MICROFIL™ Composite Fiber Pleated Filters

Microfil™ filter elements consist of a multiple-layer composite of organic and inorganic materials. Each layer is selected to perform a specific function (ie., high dirt-holding retention, fine filtration and upstream layer support). Parker designed Microfil™ filter elements to provide optimal filtration performance in ranges of 1 to 100 micrometers absolute, even under extreme operating conditions.

With operating in temperature ranges of -65°F to +375°F and at operating pressures of up to 4500 psid, Microfil™ filter elements are compatible with most fuel, lubrication oils and hydraulic fluids used in today's complex aerospace systems.

  •  High Filtration Efficiency, Beta Ratio
  •  Absolute Filtration Ratings
  •  Suitable for All Types of Operating Fluids
  •  Ideal for High Pressure & Temperature Applications
  •  Excellent Dirt Holding Capacity
  •  Disposability

Microfil™ filter elements

MICROPLEAT® Impregnated Cellulose Pleated Filters

Micropleat filter elements offer a cost effective non-cleanable filter element for most hydraulic and fuel applications. Parker designed Micropleat elements to provide optimum dirt holding capacity and particulate removal in the 3, 5, 10, 20 and 40 micrometer range. Micropleat is suitable for operation in temperatures of -65°F to +275°F. Elements can be designed to withstand up to 500 psid with high flow fatigue cycles without deformation.

Parker's full line of Micropleat filter elements meet the requirements of MIL-F-5504 and are available in industry standard sizes of AN6235 and AN6236 series.

  •  Low Cost, Disposable Filter Element Designs
  •  Suitable for Most Fluid Applications
  •  Numerous Filtration Ratings Available
  •  Proven Filtration History

Filter Elements from Parker Hannifin


Newer hydraulic filtration systems use Porofelt stainless-steel fiber metal felt media. The stainless steel fibers are random-laid and sintered in Parker's proprietary diffusion bolding process. This makes the media much stronger and less affected by pressure than traditional hydraulic filters that use fiberglass with epoxy or acrylic binders.

Porofelt is ideal in applications requiring a fine degree of filtration and greater dirt holding capacity.

Porofelt is ideal in applications requiring a fine degree of filtration and greater dirt holding capacity.


Parker offers porous metal filter elements designed for cleanable, high-temperature, high-pressure aerospace applications. These include Poromesh diffusion bonded wire cloth porous media, Poroplate diffusion bonded wire cloth laminate and composite, and Poroloy diffusion bonded wound wire porous media.

These elements are suitable for all types of service, whether a coarse strainer application or an absolute-rated last chance filter for hydraulic, fuel or lubrication oil applications. Assembled by electron beam welding or epoxy bonding, these elements withstand numerous cleaning cycles and perform reliably in the harshest operating environments.

  •  Cleanable Filter Element Designs
  •  Absolute Filtration Ratings
  •  Ideal for High Pressure & Temperature Applications
  •  Electron Beam Welded Designs
  •  Diffusion Bonded Filtration Media
  •  Pleated or Cylindrical Type Designs
  •  Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Parker offers porous metal filter elements for aerospace applications

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