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Parker Aerospace Filtration offers indicators, switches and valves.

Ensuring Reliable Condition Monitoring

Parker designs and manufactures an assortment of bypass and differential pressure indicators for all types of aerospace applications. Parker's differential pressure indicators provide a visually sign of a filter element's impending or bypass condition. Also available are electrical filter bypass switches, which, when connected to a cockpit warning system, alert operators of a possible filter bypass condition.

Parker often custom designs indicators and switches for customers to mount on the filter assembly or install in another aircraft system component. The options for these devices include:

• Thermal Lock-Out Devices
• Surge Protection
• Reset Prevention
• Various Mounting and Connection Configurations
• Explosion-Proof Switches

Indicators and Switches for Aerospace Applications

Transducers For Aerospace Applications

Parker also designs and manufactures transducers to fit customers' filter system monitoring needs, providing technology that continuously displays a reading for the pressure drop across the filter element as it collects contaminants and begins to clog. In addition, Parker's technology can provide a temperature signal along with the pressure drop signal.

Transducers from Parker Aerospace Filtration Division

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What's in a name? Security. Safety. Peace of mind. If you're flying with Parker, you've got decades of experience along for the ride. In fact, no one else even comes close to our reputation. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your application.