Actuator Lead Time Program
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Parker Lead Time Reduction Program

Machine down? Need a pneumatic actuator now? Parker Pneumatic Division Lead Time Program is designed to get customers the actuators they need, quickly and cost effectively.

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Pneumatic Division Lead Time Reduction Program

Machine Down? Last Minute Design Change? Need Pneumatic Actuators in a Rush?

Unplanned downtime can have a devastating impact on a facilities overall productivity and profitability. Parker Pneumatic Division's lead time program is here to make sure your operations stay up and running and avoid unplanned downtime costs. This lead time program offers in-stock and same day configured options to meet your immediate actuator needs. See below for more details.


In-Stock Actuator Program

Actuators are now in-stock and available for same day shipments. Buy these actuators at a 15% price reduction compared to non-stocked items. Mix and match with in-stock accessory kits. Orders received by 3:00pm eastern will ship same day.


Same Day Configured Program

Call our actuator hotline at 330-335-6723 (by 11:00 a.m. eastern time) to have a configured 4MA, LP, P1F or P1D actuator shipped on the same day.

Visit the product series landing pages to configure your product today!

     • 4MA NFPA Tie Rod Actuators

     • P1F ISO Tie Rod Actuators

     • P1D ISO Tie Rod Actuators

     • LP Compact Actuators

In-Stock Actuators

4MA durable all purpose cylinders are made with anodized aluminum body and end caps. There are 5 bore sizes, 7 NFPA mounting styles and 2 piston rod accessories available in-stock for same day shipment.
P1F-S Series ISO 15552 pneumatic actuators are suitable for low, normal, and high temperatures. With bore sizes 32MM to 80mm and strokes sizes 25mm to 400mm available, in-stock and ready to ship, P1F-S series actuators make a great fit for a wide range of applications.


With our reduced lead times, Parker customers can get the actuators they need, quickly and cost-effectively. We have reduced lead times on 4MA, P1D, and LP linear actuators.

 Reduced Lead Times from 5 days to 3 days:                                                                Reduced Lead Times from 8 days to 5 days:

    1.50 to 5.00 inch, 32 to 125mm bore                                                                      sizes 6 and 8 in, 160 and 200 mm bore sizes

          Up to 24" stroke lengths, with common modifications                                       Over 24" stroke lengths, with common modifications including rod locks

Redesigned production lines in our plants facilitate continuous flow, minimizing lead time and maximizing quality.

The speed and flexibility of Parker's new machines allows us to machine piston rods from scratch, in synch with the single-piece flow of the production line.