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Engineered Equipment

Filter Resources provides engineered filtration equipment to the chemical, petrochemical and refining industries.

Engineered Filtration Equipment

Filter Resources provides engineered filtration equipment to the chemical, petrochemical and refining industries. This filtration equipment is sized, designed and fabricated from specification data created during a process of coordinated input and review by plant engineering, operations and/or maintenance supervision personnel. This data is accumulated from prior and existing plant requirements, existing specifications and the most current filtration technology. Expansion needs are also addressed and considered during this process.

Filter Resources holds a current patent on a heavy coker gas/oil (HKGO) filter for delayed coker units (DCU) in petroleum refineries.

Custom Bags & Cages

Custom filter bags for dust collectors, product separation and liquid service are available from Filter Resources. These bags are supplied by OEM sources and/or Filter Resources' "in-house" fabrication facility. Custom bags can be fabricated from a variety of textiles with numerous coatings and finishes. Polyester, polypropylene, Nylon, Cotton, Nomex, Teflon, Lenzing P84, Ryton and fiberglass are typical fibers used in the manufacture of these products in a needled felt, spun-bond or woven fabric.

PTFE foam, PTFE membrane, acrylic foam and other finishes are available to provide retention ratings from 0.3 to 1000 micron. Top-load and bottom load filter bags can be sized and fitted to OEM cages for all major bag house suppliers. Spring-loaded and suspended bags are fabricated to accommodate bag vessels using vibration or sonic pulsing.

Filter Resources is a supplier of welded wire filter bag cages fabricated from carbon steel, stainless steel and other alloy metals. Filter bag cages are available in a wide variety of diameters, lengths and structural strength. Top-load and bottom-load cages are typical of the styles available for most OEM applications. Top-load cages can be supplied with venturis for pulse-jet bag house operations in order to facilitate particulate release from the filter bag. Specialty cages in oval, square and rectangular configurations are also available.

Learn more about custom filter bags for dust collectors, product separation and liquid service

Basket Strainers

Filter Resources designs, sizes and fabricates basket strainers

Filter Resources has the in-house capability to design, size and fabricate basket strainers from perforated metals, woven wire, welded wire, expanded metals and/or a combination of these products.

Basket Strainer repairing and re-lining services are also available with prompt turnaround time. An on-hand inventory of materials and a 24 hour "on-call" labor force provide the criteria for a quick response to client requirements.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom metal filters, strainers and accessories from Filter Resources

Filter Resources can fabricate custom metal filters, strainers and accessories to meet the specific needs of the petro-chemical and refining industry.

Filter Resources has made the investment in materials, equipment and experienced personnel required for fabricating custom filtration items. The engineering, design, sizing, component procurement, lay-out and fabricating steps are documented for quality control and continuity. Field services for custom applications are also readily available.

Filter Press Plates

Filter press plates for OEM equipment from Filter Resources

Filter Resources provides filter press plates for OEM equipment, both foreign and domestic. These plates are generally fabricated from polypropylene, FRP, PVDF or other non-metallic materials. Metal filter plates are also available for other specific applications.

Depending on age and condition, certain styles of metal press plates and pressure leaves can be repaired and re-furbished to "like new" condition. The savings on repairs versus new equipment can be significant.

Wire Screen Filters

Filter Resources can size, design and manufacture wire screen filters

Filter Resources has the in-house capabilities of sizing, designing and fabricating custom engineered wire screen filters for industrial process applications. These screens are used as media bed support layer grids, vibrating disc shakers and process fluid strainers.

Woven or welded wire mesh in carbon steel, stainless steel and exotic metal alloys are cut, formed, crimped, welded and placed in pressure vessels to replace older screens that have reached their service life expectancy. Cylindrical and pleated wire screen filters are also available from Filter Resources in-house fabrication facility. These filter cartridges can be cleaned and re-conditioned several times at a fraction of new filter replacement costs.