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Solutions for challenging operating environments

Parker's altair® products ensure trouble-free gas turbine operations regardless of harsh weather conditions, high levels of airborne particulate, or salt ingress.

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Filtration Solutions for Oil & Gas

View the altair® Oil & Gas Industry BrochureHarsh weather conditions, high levels of airborne particulate and salt ingress are just some of the challenges faced by gas turbine operators in the oil and gas industry.

Often sited in remote locations such as jungles, deserts, offshore platforms and FPSOs, gas turbines used in the oil and gas industry typically encounter extremely challenging operating environments. High levels of small particulate in the form of sand, dust and shot-debris from drilling, salt aerosols in offshore and coastal locations, and harsh weather conditions all threaten the performance and health of a gas turbine. In addition, particularly in offshore locations, severe space and height limitations pose further challenges to efficient operation.

Today's operations require high availability and low downtime rates from their turbines. However, in the oil and gas industry, the environment can threaten the trouble-free operation of a gas turbine. Due to the very large quantities of air that turbines require for operation, airborne contaminants can pose a significant challenge to the ongoing health of these precision pieces of rotating equipment.

altair® Filters

For mechanical drive and generator applications, unexpected outages and routine maintenance cycles are an expensive prospect. The altair PRO Cartridge Filter protects against wet, dry fine and corrosive contaminants, and maintains low pressure loss in high humidity throughout the life of the filter.
altair PRO Cartridge Filters from Parker
Developed to provide extended availability of key gas turbine assets, the vCells' high dust-holding capacity helps prolong filter life and significantly lowers operating costs. The LHX, LHV, LHY and LSF filters are designed for low pressure loss to enable increased power output and availability.
altair LHX vCells
The altair ODSY, ODSV, OHV and OHX vCells filter products for offshore application provide best-in-class turbine protection against corrosives and enhanced protection against moisture with their unique combination of hydrophobic properties and high efficiency protection.
altair Offshore vCells from Parker

altair® Pocket Filters

The altair range of pocket filters enhances and extends the performance of the gas turbine inlet system. These filters protect gas turbines operating in high-dust environments in offshore and coastal locations. When used in conjunction with high efficiency final filters, they significantly increase the dust-holding capacity of the system and the life of the high-efficiency filters. The altair pocket folders can also be changed-out on load, leaving the final filters in place to protect the turbine.

The three altair System2 high efficiency bag filters, including the HVL, HVX and HVV, protect gas turbines against high levels of sub-micron particulate and provide a barrier against more common contaminants like wet and dry aerosols, drilling muds, grit blasting debris, and hydrocarbons.
HVL, HVX & HVV High Efficiency Filters
The altair high efficiency pocket filters HEA, HXA and HVA are an integral part of the altair Aquila inlet system, and when used in conjunction with marine vane separators, they significantly reduce salt concentrations, prolonging turbine life and reducing maintenance downtime.
HEA, HXA & HVA High Efficiency Filters
The altair LHF pocket filter is used as either a prefilter or an intermediate filter and offers extremely low pressure loss to help enhance turbine power output. Its excellent dust-holding capacity supports longer intervals between filter change-outs and helps reduce filtration costs.
LHF Pocket Filter
Specifically designed for offshore and coastal filtration needs, Parker's altair PBR pre-filter pocket is a cleanable, high velocity filter bag engineered for use on its own, or as a pre-filter with HVV, HVX, and HVL high efficiency bag filters.
PBR Pre-Filter Pocket
The PFA pre-filter pocket significantly increases the altair system’s dustholding capacity and the life of the high efficiency filters when used with HEA, HXA, or HVA final filters. A cleanable filter element can be changed out on load, leaving the final filters in place to protect the turbine.
PFA Pre-Filter Pocket
The altair PFAH and PBRH pre-filters significantly help increase the dust-holding capacity of the system and the life of the high-efficiency filters. With the proven bag-in-bag arrangement, these pre-filter elements can be installed with no increase in system length.
PFAH Pocket Filters
PBRH Pocket Filters

altair® Systems

Specifically designed for offshore and coastal environments, the altair System2 offers outstanding salt removal performance for both wet and dry salt particulate. With in excess of 15 million trouble-free operating hours on over 1000 turbine inlets, this unit is a top choice for operators and OEMs.
altair System2 Filtration Unit
Altair System2 offers outstanding salt removal
altair System3 is an upgrade package providing enhanced performance on altair System2 and altair Aquila filter houses. Extending the availability of your key gas turbine assets, the altair System3 comes with higher efficiency filters and the same outstanding salt removal efficiency.
altair System3 Filtration
The altair System4 offers outstanding sub-micron particulate and droplet removal efficiency, wet or dry, without compromising pressure loss. It is ideal for offshore environments with high dust-loadings such as areas close to desert landmasses, or locations affected by Harmattan wind conditions.
altair System4 Filtration from Parker
This three-stage filtration system uses proven water management techniques with E12 levels of filtration. Fine dust and corrosive droplets/particles are captured or drained, providing maximum protection against fouling and corrosion.
altair Static Offshore E12 System
The OSHA-compliant, modular altair Static system is suitable for gas turbines from 20 MW to the largest heavy duty gas turbines. It accommodates all the filter products in our portfolio and is based on standard building blocks of modules, roof, floor and side panels.
altair Static Filtration System
Designed for dusty, desert, arctic and challenging environments, the altair Pulse system offers consistent protection and output from your gas turbine. The system uses compressed air to clean the filters during operation, which allows continued use of the gas turbine no matter the conditions.
altair Pulse offers consistent protection
The altair Hybrid system works ideally in dusty and coastal environments to protect from both high dust and moisture. The system can be tailored for your site and operational requirements with insect screens, trash screens, snow hoods, anti-ice systems, structural steel, and more.
altair Hybrid for dusty and coastal environments

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